Portuguese Colonies ANGOLA 1917 Censor Registered Cover
Registered envelope to Switzerland bearing SG185, 5c on 50r blue (Pair) tied by Provinca de Loanda double ring with Angola registered label and "Aberto Pela Censura" routed via Lisbon with oval "Censura No 10" and "Censura No.69" datestamp with "Contole Postal Militaire" label and French Opened Censor 206 cachet with Bern arrival. Nice item of West African mail.
Angola 1941 Censored Envelope to Fr. Congo Benguela
bearing SG384, 5c orange-brown, SG389, 35c green and SG397, 2a lake (3) tied by Benguela datestamp, routed via Luanda with "Controle Postal Afrique Equatoriale Francaise / Commission C" double-ring transit censor, Pointe Noire arrival with circular C/1 censor cachet and opened censor with label. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies ANGOLA 1911 PPC to France
Early Picture Postcard (Claustro de Santa Clara Nova, Coimbra), bearing SG81, 5r orange, and SG142, 15r green, tied by octagonal Mossamedes datestamp routed via Lisbon with ROUAN arrival. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies / ANGOLA 1911 Postcard
Early black & white Picture Postcard of Costumes de Benguella - Quitandeiras, bearing SG80, 2 1/2 reis grey (2), and SG81, 5 reis orange tied by octagonal "Provincia di Angola Benguella" datestamp with Rouen arrival, card sent at printed matter rate. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies ANGOLA 1946 Cover Taxed
envelope bearing Angola SG360, 50c brown mixed with "0.90 Tax par Avion de Angola" Black on Grey (2) tied by Mossamedes double-ring addressed to Luanda. Scarce. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies / ANGOLA 1908 Postcard
Early Picture Postcard of Costumes de Loanda & Rua de Bananeiras, bearing SG84, 20 reis Lilac tied by octagonal Loanda datestamp addressed to the Director of Kouango, French Congo routed via the Boma Belgian Congo with Brazzaville Congo Francaise double-ring arrival. Superb item. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies (Angola) 1904 Picture Postcard to Germany
PPC of Loanda - Rapaz e mulher Cabinda, endorsed by English Steamer "Secondi" bearing 25 reis Carmine SG143, tied by Paquebot Plymouth (Robertson P7) double-ring with Ars (Mosel) arrival. Scarce and attractive item. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies (Angola) 1916 Registered Censored envelope
to France, bearing 1c Green SG207, 1 1/2c Brown SG208, 2c Carmine SG209, and 5c Blue SG211, tied by Loanda double-ring with matching registered label, Military Control Postal label and oval Opened by Censor 376 with Paris arrival. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies Angola 1924 Reg'd Cover
to France, bearing 2e Violet SG295, tied by octagonal BENGUELA datestamp, routed via LISBON with French receiving. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies (Angola) 1930 Picture Postcard
PPC of Kinshasa, to France, bearing 20c Yellow Green SG292, and 30c Deep Green SG293 (2) tied by Santo Ant de Zaire datestamp. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies (Angola) 1942 Censored envelope
to England bearing 1a 75 Blue SG396 tied by Vilali datestamp, routed via the Belgian Congo with Elisabethville transit, South African Censor label and "Opened by Examiner 472" label applied on arrival. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies (Angola) 1940 Censored Envelope
to France bearing 5c Brown SG384, 50c Magenta SG391, and 80c Orange SG394 (4) tied by Santa Pombo datestamp routed via Loanda, Lisbon and Madrid with Opened by Examiner 3850 Censor label applied in Nigeria and German Censor label and cachet. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies (Angola) 1920 Envelope to France
bearing 1c Green SG298 (5), 1 1/2c Chocolate SG299 (4) and 7 1/2c Yellow Brown SG309 (4), tied by Mozambique datestamp. Nice franking. (pt)
ANGOLA Portuguese Colonies 1932 REG to LOBITO
Registered envelope to LOBITO bearing SG299, 1 1/2c brown (20); SG321, 60c blue and SG322a, 80c pink (2) tied by MOSSAMEDES ANGOLA datestamp. Nice franking. (pt)
ANGOLA Portuguese Colonies 1941 Censored Envelope
Censored Cover to Switzerland bearing SG389, 15c emerald green tied by CHINGUAR datestamp routed via LOBITO ANGOLA, the Belgian Congo with Aba transit, the SUDAN with Passed by Censor 39 Sudan in violet and CAIRO. A fine item. (pt)