Portuguese Colonies Azores Postal Stationery to France
Postal Stationery card 10r brown upgraded with Portugal SG221, 10r green tied by oval Villa da Praia datestamp addressed to France with Lisbon transit and Paris receiver on reverse. Very fine. (pt)
Portuguese Cols 1918 Red X card with Censor Mark Azores
from Internee in Angra Camp in the Azores to Berne. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies Azores 1921 PPC to France
Picture Postcard (#6 Estrada Pedro Miguel, Horta Fayal), written from De Fayal addressed to France bearing SG277, 3c carmine tied by octagonal French Paquebot "Colon a Bordeaux L.D. No.3" datestamp. Scarce cancel on stamps. (pt)
AZORES 1898 Portuguese Colonies PSC Upgraded
Postal Stationery Card 10 reis red upgraded with SG144, 10 reis mauve tied by PONTA DELGADA datestamp routed via LISBON addressed to BELGIUM with TONGRES arrival. A nice item. (pt)