Benin (French)    

French Colonies BENIN 1909 Postcard to France
Early Picture Postcard Group of Dacers, bearing Yvert 28, 30c pale brown tied by Kouande Dahomey et Dependencies double-ring. Scarce stamp on card. (pt)
French Colonies BENIN 1894 Military Mail Env.
envelope bearing Golf de Benin Yvert 25, 15c blue tied by Correspondance Militaire Porto Novo Benin double-ring addressed to Grand Popo and forwarded via Cotonou to Whydah Benin with transit and arrivals on reverse. Scarce item of Military mail paying the local tariff. (pt)
French Colonies Benin 1900 Local Mail Cover
envelope to Klein Popo bearing Benin Yvert 36, 5c green and Yvert 39, 20c Orange on Pale Green tied by Grand Popo double-ring with arrival on reverse of the German Post Office Klien Popo. Fine item. (pt)