Bosnia Austrian Occupation of Poland 1917 Parcel Card
Registered parcel card from Bosnia bearing Austrian-Hungary Yvert 28, 10 heller blue (2) and Yvert 41, 80 heller brown tied by K.U.K. Etappenpost Jedrzejow double ring with registered label addressed to Konsk with Bosnian postage dues Yvert 1, 1 heller black and red and Yvert 4, 4 heller black and red tied on arrival by K.U.K. Etappenpost Konsk datestamp. Very rare. (pt)
Bosnia-Herzegovine 1918 Registered Cover to Denmark
Cover bearing Yvert 129, 40 cent bistre tied by K.U.K. Milit. Post. Sarajevo datestamp with registered label and boxed censor cachet routed via Wien with censor label on reverse. (pt)
Bosnia Military 1896 Postal Stationery card to Holland
PSC 2 h brown upgraded with Yvert 12a, 3 h green tied by K. UND K. Milit. Post Bilek Military cancel addressed to Holland with Amsterdam arrival cachet. Attractive item.(pt) (pt)
Bosnia 1892 Postal Stationery Letter Card to Austria
Postal Stationery letter card 5 heller red cancelled by military cachet K. und K. Milit. Post 15 / Avtovac datestamp, addressed to Austria with Wien arrival on reverse. Nice item. (pt)
Bosnia K.U.K. 1905 Correspondence card to Belgium
Correspondence card 5h green upgraded with Yvert 13, 5h green tied by K.U.K. Bahnpost 11 gravosa-Sarajero 110 double ring addressed to Belgium with Montzen arrival. Very fine. (pt)
Bosnia Banjaluka-Doberlin c.d.s1907 Postcard to France
Photographic Postcard bearing Yvert 29, 1h blue (2), Yvert 30, 2h violet and Yvert 33, 6h brown tied by Banjaluka-Doberlin c.d.s. Nice ethnic card. (pt)
Bosnia 1919 Military Mail K.U.K. Militar Post 8 green
stationery card upgraded with Austrian / Hungarian Newspaper stamp tied by Pazaric double-ring addressed to Wien with Pregiedano Vojna Cenzura handstamp. Very fine. (pt)
Bosnia 1916 Military Mail Postal Stationery Card
5 heller green upgraded with Yvert 87, 7 on 5 heller green and Yvert 92, 12 on 10 heller red tied by K.U.K. Militaire Sarajevo with military censor cachet in violet. Very fine. (pt)
Bosnia 1897 Stationery Card 2h brown upgraded
Postal Stationery Card upgraded with Yvert 12a, 3h green tied by Sarajevo military cancel addressed to India with Sea Post Office transit. (pt)
Bosnia 1915 Censored Postcard to Austria
Picture Postcard (Zambsc) bearing Feldpost Yvert 25, 5 heller green with Red Cross label tied by straight line censor No.3 Military cachet and handstruck ZENSURIERT. (pt)
Bosnia 1916 Military Mail PSC 5h. Ovpt K.U.K.
Postal Stationery Card 5 heller green Feldpost Postal Stationery Card overprinted K.U.K. (Kaiserliche Und Koenigliche) upgraded with Yvert 25, 5 heller green tied by straight line cachet CROIX ROUGE SERBE BUREAU DE RECSEICEMENTS, various censors on front. Scarce. (pt)
Bosnia 1904 PPC to France + Austrian stamps
K und K MILIT. POST MOSTAR CDS applied, handstruck T, franked on arrival in France with French Postage Due 10c Brown Yvert 29 (2), tied by LE PERREUY CDS. Unusual Picture Postcard of Prayer. (pt)
Bosnia 1907 Postal Stationery Card 5h Green, addressed to Magdeburg with receiver
cancelled by K.Und.K. Bahnpost 11/ Banjaluka-Dobrlin double-ring. (pt)
Bosnia 1902 Postal Stationery Reply Card 10h Red to Holland
cancelled by Sarajevo-B.Brood CDS with Valkenberg arrival. (pt)