British East Africa    

British East Africa Belgian Congo 1941 Reg Censored Env
BEA Registered envelope to Tanganyika bearing Belgian Congo SG184, 25c blue (2) tied by Albertville datestamp with registered label and "Censure Congo Belge" handstamp routed via French Equatoriale Africa with "Controle Post censor" label and boxed "Passed No. 6 / by Censor" applied on arrival in Dar-Es-Salaam with Opened by Censor label in Blue.
British East Africa KUT 1944 Red Cross Censored Cover
1944 Jun Airmail envelope franked 30c cancelled NAIROBI with Nairobi & Djibouti Red Cross cachets to Red Cross in Djibouti. (pt)
British East Africa France 1922 Postal Stationery Card
PSC 3c green upgraded with SG64, 4 on 6c red tied by Masara Uganda datestamp addressed to France. (pt)
British East Africa Kenya 1936 Registered PSE
Registered Air Mail Postal Stationery Envelope King George 5th 50c blue upgraded with SG115, 30c blue & black tied by Dar Es Salaam Registered double-ring with matching label. Sent Air Mail to Norfolk. (pt)
British East Africa Kenya 1933 Registered PSE
Reg. Air Mail Postal Stationery Envelope King George 5th 50c blue upgraded with SG82, 15c rose (2) and SG87, 1/- green tied by oval Nairobi Registered with registration label, sent Airmail via Italy with Grenoble arrival on reverse. (pt)
British East Africa 1943 Cover to Netherlands
Censored Envelope to the Netherlands West Indies bearing SG145, 1/- grey and brown (2) tied by Daressalaam double-ring with "Opened by Examiner R/3" label and boxed Crown Passed R/1 cachet in violet sent Airmail with "Censuur Jul 23 1943 Suriname" and "Geopend Door Censuur Suriname" label applied on arrival. Very fine item. (pt)
British East Africa 1895 Postal Stationery
Postal Stationery Card 1 anna Black cancelled by Lamu squared circle addressed to Germany with Aden transit and Barman arrival. (pt)
British East Africa 1939 Censored to Djibouti
envelope bearing SG141, 30c black & blue tied by Nairobi datestamp with "Opened by Censor / Nairobi N / 470" censor label. (pt)
British East Africa 1944 AirLetter to England
bearing SG134, KGVI 10c orange & brown, & SG137, 15c black & rose tied by E.A. / A.P.O. 2 datestamp with "Crown / Passed by Censor No.4013" censor cachet in violet. (pt)
British East Africa 1910 PPC of Kavirondo Woman
Early Picture Postcard to France, bearing SG34, 1c Brown (3) and SG35, 3c green tied by octagonal French Paquebot "La Reunion a Marseille L.U. No.2" datestamp. Rare cancel on stamps from East Africa on very attractive item. (pt)
British East Africa 1910 Picture Postcard (Woman) to France
Early PPC of Vanica Woman (topless), Mombasa, bearing SG36, 6c Red tied by octagonal French Paquebot "La Reunion a Marseille L.U. No.2" datestamp. Scarce cancel on East Africa stamps. (pt)
British East Africa 1947 Registered envelope
cover (KGVI) 30c Blue upgraded with SG141, 30c Blue & Black (3) and SG145, 1/- Brown & Black (3), tied by Arusha datestamp, and Registration label "R. Arusha Tanganyika Territory No.3451" routed via Nairobi sent Air Mail to Switzerland with Binningen arrival. (pt)
British East Africa Occupation 1924 PPC
Picture Postcard illustrated Trinidad stamps, bearing 3c Green SG47 (3), overprinted G.E.A. (German East Africa) tied by CAMP POST OFFICE DARESSALAAM CDS, addressed to Portuguese Goa. Most unusual & very attractive. (pt)
British East Africa 1904 Picture Postcard
PPC of the Fish Market, Mombasa, B.E.A., bearing KEVII 1/2 anna Green SG17, and 1 anna Red & Grey SG18, tied by straight line PAQUEBOT, addressed to Marseille. (pt)