Colombia Antioquia 1893 Envelope to France
from Antioquia State bearing SG77, 10c black / green (bi-sect) pen cancelled with oval Medellin datestamp routed via Barranquilla with Tax hand-stamp and French arrival on reverse. (pt)
Colombia 1882 Postal Stationery Card 2c red Bogota
written from Bogota with Barranquilla transit and octagonal French Paquebot Savanilla Paq. Fr. D. No 2 (Salles 1505) datestamp in red addressed to London. Very fine. (pt)
Colombia 1886 Postal Stationery Card 2c black
written from Bogota addressed to France with Baranquilla transit and octagonal French Paquebot Colombie Ligne A. Paq. Fr. No. 1 (Salles 1419) datestamp. Rare. (pt)
Colombia 1904 Reg Envelope to France Barranquilla
bearing SG262, 5 cent rose and SG263, 10 cent mauve tied by Recomendados Bogota cds in violet routed via Barranquilla with Cognac arrival on reverse. Superb. (pt)
Colombia 1887 Envelope to France SG125 10c pale orange
by oval Tarde hand-stamp in violet routed via Bogota with oval transit and Barranquilla Transito datestamp on reverse, sent by French Paquebot with octagonal "Savanilla Paq. Fr. A. No 2" datestamp (Salles 1418) sent on the steamer "France" with Vienne arrival on reverse. A superb item for the exhibitor. (pt)
Colombia 1896 Reg. Envelope to London
bearing SG155, 10c brown / rose and SG156, 20c brown/blue tied by Honda datestamp in blue with Registration stamp SGR165, 10c brown routed via Barranquilla with New York registered label transit and London arrival on reverse. (pt)
Colombia 1892 Maritime Postal Stationery Card
PSC 2c black to France from Bogota cancelled by octagonal French Paquebot Ligne D Paq. Fr. No.3 in blue on front. Very fine. (pt)
Colombia 1872 Stampless Env to France via UK
envelope from RIO HACHA to Marseille forwarded through SANTA MARTHA with British Post Offices CDS routed via London with boxed GB over 1f 60 Anglo French Accumulation, manuscript 12, London and Paris transit and Marseille arrival on reverse. Rare item. (pt)
Colombia 1870 BPO Stampless Envelope / Taxed
British Post Offices Cover to France cancelled by British Post Office Carthagena with Anglo French accountancy T/1-10 routed via London with French entry cachet and taxed 16 on arrival in Paris. Very fine quality. (pt)
Colombia 1884 Cover Bogata to France
envelope bearing SG106, 1c blue green (10) tied by Bogata circular with Paris entry cachet on reverse. Nice franking. (pt)
Columbia 1905 envelope to Paris routed via Barrancuilla
bearing 5c Rose SG262, tied by Boxed Correos Zambrano Colivar in Violet. Very fine. (pt)
Columbia (British Post Office) 1865 envelope to France
bearing 10c Violet SG34, tied by oval Bogota with British Post Office Santa Martha on reverse, charged 8, with Boxed accountancy GB / 1f60c routed via London with French entry cachet and arrival. A very rare overseas usage. (pt)
Columbia 1904 Destination Mail Barranquilla
envelope bearing 5 pesos Purple SG238 (Pair Imperf.) tied by octagonal French Paquebot Colon A St. Nazaire L.A. No.1 (Salles Type 1408) routed via La Guayra and New York with Havana arrival. Rare and attractive. (pt)
Columbia 1832 Pre-stamp envelope to France
manuscript 11 with Boxed French entry PAYS D'OUTREMER at MARSEILLES and straight line PURIFICE A LA MARSEILLES (disinfection) on reverse. Scarce. (pt)
Colombia 1903 Registered PSE addressed to Gibraltar (Riverboat Mail)
Postal Stationery Envelope headed Servicio Fluvial 5 centavos Black upgraded with 2c Rose SG192 (Strip of 5); 5c Green-Blue SG195, and registration stamp 20c Brown on Blue SGR207, tied by Barranquilla registered CDS, with oval registered Gibraltar arrival. Scarce riverboat mail to unusual destination. (pt)