Aden India 1874 Steamer Envelope with boxed Postage Due

Cover written from Coffe Works, Tellicherry, Malabar Coast bearing India SG 69, 4a green tied by Tellicherry duplex addressed to the French Message Maritime Agent on the steamer "Traouaddy" between Galle and Marseille at Aden, routed via Salem and Bombay with Aden Steamer Point arrival and boxed tax "Postage Due" applied, forwarded to Marseille with French entry cachet, charged 24 with boxed accountancy "Reexpedie / Taxe Etrangere 1f/Taxe Francaise 1f40 / total 2f40" in red and forwarded back to Bombay with boxed "D.L.O. Bombay Free" and Madras D.L.O. / Oct 31" A superb item for the exhibitor. (pt)

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