Cyprus 1917 Registered Stationery Cover Egyptian Censor
Reg. Postal Stationery envelope KGV 2p blue upgraded with SG76, 30p violet and green tied by Kyrenia datestamp with matching registered label routed via Nicosia addressed to Egypt with Egyptian boxed Censor cachet and censor label with Heliopolis arrival. Nice item.
Cyprus 1826 Stampless Envelope from Larnaca to France
with disinfected slits and charged 8 in m/s with arrival "Colonies Par Marseille" and hand-struck "Marseille" forwarded in m/s on reverse to Paris with tax 10 and circular arrival on reverse. Very fine early item of Cyprus mail. (pt)
Cyprus 1941 Registered Censored Cover - Egypt
envelope bearing SG154, King George 6th 1pi orange (3) tied by oval Registered Kyrenia datestamp with registered label and "Passed Cyprus / 4" cachet in Red with "Opened by Censor" label with Egypt Censorship applied on arrival. Nice item. (pt)
Cyprus 1915 MARTIAL LAW Censor Military mail
envelope to France bearing SG77, King George 5th 1pi rose & blue tied by Limassol datestamp with boxed "Martial Law / Passed Censor Cyprus" in violet on reverse. VERY FEW items RECORDED of this rare cachet. (pt)
Cyprus 1917 Registered KGV 2pi PSE to France
Reg. Postal Stationery Envelope King George 5th 2pi blue upgraded with SG78, 2pi blue and purple tied by Morphou CDS with matching registered label addressed to France with Strasbourg arrival. Rare item of registered mail. (pt)
Cyprus 1892 PSC QV 1/2 piastre Green, Larnaca
Queen Victoria Postal Stationery Card cancelled by Limassol squared circle addressed to Larnaca with arrival on front. Very fine. (pt)
Cyprus 1914 Birds Flowers Postcard to France
Post Card bearing SG77, 1pi rose & blue tied by Lefkara squared circle. Scarce. (pt)
Cyprus 1885 Lapithos squared circle village cancel SG16
SG16a half piastre green. Very fine. (pt)
Cyprus 1925 O.H.M.S. Envelope to France Fine
headed On His Majesty's Service, bearing 1/2 piastre Green SG118, tied by Nicosia double-ring paying printed matter rate. (pt)
Cyprus 1683 Pre-stamp envelope to the Venturini merchant family in Livorno, Italy
written from Salene (Salines Larnaca) with endorsement Cons. Cipriotta Fr. D.I.S. Fine early item of mail. (pt)
Cyprus 1925 Picture Postcard to Famagusta
Orange & Green, tied by Exometokhi G.R. Rural Service datestamp. Scarce cachet on stamp. (pt)