Denmark 1877 Registered Stationery Card to Copenhagen
PSC 8 ore red upgraded with Yvert 26, 16 ore olive and brown, tied by 48 in concentric ring with adjacent Ykjobing datestamp addressed to Copenhagen.
Denmark 1901 Postal Stationery card 8 to Switzerland
Postal Stationery Card 8 ore carmine upgraded with Facit 41, 12 ore grey and claret tied by Kjobenhaven datestamp addressed to Switzerland with Martel arrival on reverse. (pt)
Denmark 1891 Registered Postal Stationery Card 5ore
upgraded with Yvert 37, 20 ore blue tied by Kjobenhaven datestamp with registered label addressed to Norway. Fine item. (pt)
Denmark 1854 Stampless Envelope to France
written from Kiel cancelled by Kiel Banhof double-ring, routed via Hambour with "K D.O.P.A Hamburg" transit in blue, with Denmark boxed "Danemarck" hand-stamp (Van der Linden 894), French entry cachet, charged 96 tax in m/s on arrival in Paris with arrival on reverse. Fine item. (pt)
Denmark 1915 Faroe Islands Picture Postcard to France
bearing Denmark Yvert 74, 10 ore red tied by Thorshavn date stamp routed via Bergen with Seine arrival. Attractive. (pt)
Denmark 1869 #25 on Cover to Germany Hamburg
envelope bearing Daka 14, 2sk blue and Daka 16, 4sk red tied by 25 numeral with adjacent Horsholm datestamp with Hamburg arrival on reverse. Fine quality. (pt)
Denmark 1883 Postal Stationery Card to France
PSC 10 ore green cancelled by Sjaellandske Jb. Pkt 86 duplex addressed to France with French entry cachet. (pt)
Denmark France 1881 Registered, Charged Cover
envelope to France, bearing Yvert 24, 8 ore red & grey, and Yvert 26, 16 ore Brown & Olive (3) tied by concentric ring cachet with Kjobenhaven datestamp with handstruck "Anbefalet" and endorsed Charge with French entry cachet and Grasse arrival on reverse. Very fine franking. (pt)
Denmark 1900 Postal Stationery to Switzerland
Postal Stationery Envelope 8 ore Orange upgraded with Facit 41, 12 ore grey & claret tied by Kjobenhaven datestamp addressed to Switzerland with Bern arrival on reverse. (pt)
Denmark 1919 Military Mail Picture Postcard to France
PPC from Warnemunde written from the French 4th Division Troops cancelled by Taastrup datestamp and Skeve local post handstamp addressed to France with Yonne arrival. (pt)
Denmark 1859 envelope to France / 3 Colours Franking
bearing Facit 5, 2 skill blue; Facit 8, 16 skill violet (Pair) and Facit 9, 4 skill brown tied by Kjobenhaven concentric ring with handstruck P.D. routed via Hamburg (Germany) with French entry cachet in Red and various transits on reverse. A very fine 3 coloured franking to France. (pt)
Denmark 1870 Stamp-less envelope to France
cover cancelled by Sjaellandske Jb. P. 181 duplex datestamp, charged 6 with Danemark 2 Erquelines French entry cachet in Blue. Very fine. (pt)
Denmark 1904 Illustrated advertising envelope (alcohol)
bearing Facit 58 (4) addressed to France. (pt)
Denmark 1860 Stamp-less envelope to Holland
cancelled by Arhuus datestamp with handstruck Charge in Red, endorsed Franco 4, routed via Hamburg with K.D.O.P.A. Hamburg transit and Arnhem arrival on reverse. Nice item. (pt)
Denmark 1821 Pre-stamp envelope to France
written from Copenhagen charged 33 with handstruck transit Danemarck Par Hambourg, routed via Germany with Allemagne Par Strasbourg and T.T.R. 4 addressed to Lyon. (pt)
Denmark 1916 Postal Stationery News Band Wrapper
4 ore blue, upgraded with Daka 107, 2 ore Red and Daka 109, 4 ore Blue tied by Odense datestamp with oval French Censor cachet. Fine item. (pt)
Denmark 1911 Incoming mail from France, Taxed
envelope bearing Yvert 110, 4c Brown (3) tied by Blois CDS, underpaid with TAX handstamp and Kjobenhaven arrival with Boxed instructional Retour and Inconnu label with French Postage Dues applied on return in Blois. Superb item. (pt)
Demark 1895 Postal Stationery Card / Sea Post Office
PSC 10 ore Red upgraded with Yvert 35, 5 ore Green tied by Kjobenhaven datestamp addressed to the East Indies, routed via Brindisi with Sea Post Office transit and Nelliklppam arrival. Very fine item of destination mail. (pt)
Denmark 1890 Postal Stationery Card 3 ore Grey, to Spain
PSC upgraded with Daka 34, 8 ore Red & Blue tied by Kjobenhavan datestamp, routed via Paris to Port St. Mary. Spain. (pt)
Denmark 1891 PSC 10 ore Red upgraded to Singapore
Postal Stationery Card upgraded with 8 ore Grey & Carmine Daka 34, tied by Viborg datestamp, addressed to Singapore, routed via Brindisi with arrival on reverse. Nice item of destination mail. (pt)
Denmark 1878 Postal Stationery Card 4 ore Blue Upgraded
with Facit 28, 3 ore Grey (2) tied by SJAELLANDSKE GB. P. 181 duplex addressed to PARIS with French entry cachet in Blue. Nice quality. (pt)
Denmark 1884 Registered Envelope to France, Scarce
bearing Facit 28, 3 ore Grey (2) and Facit 36, 50 ore Violet Brown tied by KJOBENHAVEN CDS with handstruck registered, French entry cachet and arrival on reverse. Scarce early franking. (pt)
Denmark 1893 PSE 8 ore Red Upgraded Holland
Registered Postal Stationery Envelope, upgraded with Facit 28, 3 ore Grey and Facit 35, 25 ore Green tied by KJOBENHAVN CDS with handstruck Registered alongside. Scarce. (pt)
Denmark 1891 Correspondence Card 4 ore Blue
with Facit 29, 4 ore Blue (4) tied by HOLSTEBRO CDS addressed to France. Attractive. (pt)
Demark 1884 Registered Envelope to Bordeaux
bearing Facit 33, 16 ore Brown-Black and Facit 52, 20 ore Blue tied by COPENHAGEN concentric ring with Boxed handstruck "R" and French receiver. Scarce mixed franking. (pt)
Denmark 1895 Postal Stationery Env 4 ore Blue Upgrated
envelope upgraded with Postal Stationery cut-outs 5 ore Green (3) tied by RJOBENHAVEN datestamp addressed to Frence with French receiver. Very Unusual. (pt)
Denmark 1895 Envelope to France Paying Double Rate
bearing Facit 39, 4 ore Blue and Grey (5) tied by LYNGBY CDS with BORDEAUX receiving. Nice franking paying double rate. (pt)
Denmark 1874 Cover via Helsingor on PD France
bearing Facit 24, 16 skill Green-Grey tied by concentric ring Elseneur. A rare stamp on cover, Cat. 8,000 kroner. (pt)
Denmark 1880 Postal Stationery Card 6 ore Brown Upgraded
with Facit 29, 4 ore Blue & Grey tied by KJOBENHAVEN duplex with French entry cachet in Blue addressed to Paris. (pt)
Denmark 1873 Envelope to France handstruck PD
bearing Facit 24, 16sk Green & Grey tied by VSJ.GB.PB. duplex, with Danemark Paq. Paris French entry cachet in blue. A very fine quality single franking cover, Cat.7,500 kr (pt)