Dominican Republic 1917 Cover to France Puerto Plata
Registered envelope to France bearing SG213, 5c black and purple (pair) tied by Puerto Plata datestamp with matching registered label sent on the S.S. Carabelle with censor label and opened censor 374 oval cachet. (pt)
Dominican Republic 1916 Censored envelope to France
bearing 1c Brown Yvert 210 (5), tied by Puerto Plata CDS with Military Censor label and French Opened by Censor 361 cachet. Attractive item. (pt)
Dominica 1901 Postal Stationery Envelope 5c
with 5c Blue SG79, tied by octagonal French Paquebot Haiti A Fort De France L.E. No.1 (Salles 576). Scarce combination. (pt)
Dominica 1889 PSC 2c Red via St. Thomas to Le Havre with Paris arrival on front
Postal Stationery Card cancelled by Montecristy CDS in Violet.