Finland 1915 Censored Envelope to Denmark Attractive
Cover bearing Russia SG148, 3 (4) kop green and carmine and SG149, 7 (8) kop green and brown tied by Vasa double ring Finnish censor label and arrival. Very attracitve item. (pt)
Finland 1891 Registered Postal Stationery Env. To Paris
Postal Stationery Envelope 25 pen blue upgraded with Facit 31, 25 pen blue tied by Helsingfors Postestation double ring with registered label, routed via Russia to Paris. (pt)
Finland 1892 Postal Stationery Envelope 20 p orange
upgraded with Facit 28, 5 p green tied by Fredrikshamn cds routed via Russia to Paris. Attractive. (pt)
Finland 1894 Russian Postal Stationery Card to Helsinki
Russian Postal Stationery Card 3kop red cancelled by Tavelling Post Office K.P.X.P. NO12 date stamp addressed to Helsinki. (pt)
Finland 1915 Russian Postal Stationery Card Tienhaara
Censored Russian Postal Stationery Card 3 kop red cancel led by Tienhaara date stamp with Russian hand-struck censor addressed to France. (pt)
Finland 1915 Picture Postcard Lahti Russian cachet
Picture Postcard cancelled by Lahti date stamp with Russian military cachet in violet. (pt)
Finland 1905 TPO Registered envelope to Waasa
Cover bearing Facit 57, 10 penni red and Facit 58, 20 penni blue (4) tied by NUMMI double-ring, straight line WARDE and T.P.O. on reverse. Attractive. (pt)
Finland 1892 Reg. Postal Stationery Envelope
Registered PSE 25 penni blue upgraded with Facit 31, 25 penni blue tied by Nystad CDS on scarce registered mail to France. (pt)
Finland 1891 Commercial Mail Cover to Germany
envelope bearing Facit 28, 5 penni green (5) tied by Siemois CDS and backstamped Lampis and Arvela Finnish Transits. Very Scarce commercial mail. (pt)
Finland 1903 Russian PSE 7 kop Blue to France
Postal Stationery Envelope upgraded with SG66, 3 kop carmine tied by Kellomaki datestamp addressed to France with Le Havre arrival on reverse. Very fine. (pt)
Finland 1909 Russian PSC Railway PO to France
Russian Postal Stationery Card 4 kop red cancelled by handstruck Boback with Railway Post Office datestamp addressed to France with St. Dizier arrival. (pt)
Finland Abo Turku 1899 envelope to Algeria North Africa
cover bearing Facit 31, 25 pen blue tied by Abo-Turku double-ring with Philippeville Constantine arrival on reverse. Nice item of destination mail. (pt)
Finland 1946 Official Mail Unstamped Envelope
cover with cachet of the "Legation de France en Finlande" double-ring sent via Paris to Toulouse. (pt)
Finland 1904 Destination Mail envelope to Tunisia North Africa
bearing Russia 2kop Green SG65, tied by Helsingfors datestamp with Bizerte Regence de Tunis arrival on reverse. Very fine. (pt)