Greece Crete 1900 Cover to France Xania datestamp
Envelope to France written from the French Consul in Crete bearing SG5, 25l blue tied by Xania datestamp with Paris arrival on reverse. Very fine. (pt)
Greece 1868 Stampless cover from Milos to London
Stampless envelope wrtten from the island of Milos addressed to the Austrian Maritime Agency London, routed via Syros with boxed Anglo-French accountancy FR/3f 12c (Van der Linden 1277) with handstamp tax 1/4, routed via France with French entry cachet and London arrival on reverse. Very fine item paying the double letter rate. (pt)
Greece 1915 Picture Postcard of Metelin to France
Picture Postcard of Metelin addressed to France cancelled by military 'Cuirasse Gaulois/Correspondance de Armees' with double ring 'Marine Francaise Service a la Mer' in violet. Very fine. (pt)
Greece Turkish PO 1909 Postal Stationery Card to France
Turkish post offices PSC 20 para red cancelled bilingual Salonique 4 datestamp addressed to France. Very fine. (pt)
Greece Turkish Post Offices 1899 Reg. Envelope 20 para
Envelope to Constantinople bearing Turkey Yvert 84, 20 para lilac (3) and Yvert 86, 2pi bistre tied by bilingual Cavalla double-ring in blue (Coles & Walker 12) with Galata arrival on reverse. Very attrative item. (pt)
Greece Turkish Post Office 1907 PSC to France
Postal Stationery Card 20 para red cancelled by bilingual Chio datestamp addressed to France with Amiens arrival on reverse. Very fine. (pt)
French Post Office in Greece 1874 to ITALY
French Post Office Abroad envelope bearing 30c ceras pair Yvert 56, tied by the scarce straight line COI POSTALI FRANCESI at Salonique CDS, addressed to Torino, Italy. (pt)
Greece Italian Occupation 1912 Reg'd to Egypt
Registered envelope to Egypt bearing Italian Occupation of the Dodecanese Island of Patmos SG5, 10c red and SG6, 15c black (Pair) tied by Poste Italiane Patmos (Egeo) rubber datestamp with matching registered label routed via Rodi and Athens with Ismailia arrival. Very fine item. (pt)
Greece 1916 Military Mail Postcard Salonique
Early Picture Postcard to France cancelled by Military cachet "Armee D'Orient Depot Internediare du Genie / Le Capitaine Commandant" double-ring in Violet. Nice item. (pt)
Greece 1916 Postcard View - the Quay Salonica
Early Picture Postcard (ships, boats), from Salonique cancelled by Marine Francaise Service a la Mer / Anchor" double-ring addressed to France with French Navy cachet "Torpilleur D'Escadre Dehorter" Very fine. (pt)
Greece 1915 Censored envelope to Switzerland
Cover to Switzerland bearing France Sower Yvert 140, 25c blue mixed Dardanelles Red Cross label tied to cover with double-ring Pontarlier censor and boxed opened by censor with censor label. (pt)
Greece 1916 Military Mail Stampless envelope
envelope written from Loudun France, sent stamp less to the French Military 4th Division Army of the Orient at Salonique and forwarded to the 20th Artillery bearing Greece SG252, 1 lepta brown tied by Military cachet "Poste Aux Militaire Le Commandant / Corps Expeditionnaire D'Orient" double-ring in Violet with handstruck instructional "Evacue France / Le Vaguemestre Hopital 8" A fine & rare item. (pt)
Greece Crete 1905 Postcard from Switzerland
Incoming mail from Switzerland. Early black & white Picture Postcard Gorges de Noirvaux - La Roche - Percee, (mountains, horse), bearing Yvert 67, 10c red cancelled by Ambulant No.7 datestamp addressed to the Italian Police at Candie routed via Iraklion and Chania with Italian Post Office La Canea arrival. UNRECORDED. (pt)
Greece 1904 Postcard to French Troops Tonkin
Early black & white Destination Mail Picture Postcard of Athens Le Parthenon, to the French Troops at Bao-Lac during the Occupation of Tonkin (Indo-China), bearing Yvert 150, 10 lepta red routed via Alexandria, Suez, Singapore, Saigon and Hanoi with Bao-Lac arrival. Nice item. (pt)
Greece 1916 Military mail postcard to France
Early Coloured Picture Postcard - Costumes de L'ILE de Ste Maure #303 (women), from Corfu, cancelled by Military cachet Marine Nation Service a la Mer in Violet with Nantes arrival. (pt)
Greece 1918 Military Mail Postcard to France
Early coloured Picture Postcard, from Salonique cancelled by Military cachet Base Navale de Salonique / Service Transit in Violet. Very fine. (pt)
Greece Turkish PO 1908 Patriotic Postcard
24 Juillet 1908 Vive La Patrie-Vive La Nation Vivve La Liberte (flags), Coloured, addressed to France bearing Turkey Yvert 122, 20 para rose tied by bilingual Serres datestamp (Coles & Walker 54). Very nice card. (pt)
Greece CORFU 1906 Postcard to France Olympics
Early black & white Picture Postcard from Corfu (Ponti Conissi), bearing Second Olympic SG186, 5 lepta green tied by "Scilla Piroscafo Postale Italiano" double-ring of the Italian Steam Boat. (pt)
Greece Crete 1904 (Helepa) Postcard to France
Early black & white Picture Postcard endorsed "Corps Francaise D'Occupation de Crete" bearing SG2, 5 lepta green tied by Xania datestamp with Cannes arrival cachet. Very fine. (pt)
Greece 1915 Stationery Postcard to Germany
Early Postal Stationery Picture Postcard of Athens (Akadhmia Academie), 10 lepta red cancelled by Italian Paquebot "Scilla Piroscafo Postali Italiano" in Violet, routed via Brindisi addressed to Germany with arrival. (pt)
Greece 1918 Military Mail Postcard to Tunis
Early Picture Postcard of Salonique The Anamites arrival in May 1916, sent to North Africa, cancelled by Armee D'Orient Place de Yenidje / Commandant de la Place et D'Etapes in Violet. Fine item of Military mail. (pt)
Greece SAMOS 1914 Postcard to Switzerland
Early Coloured Picture Postcard of Temple of Athens (Thesee), bearing Samos SG11, 10 lepta pink tied by Vathy datestamp. (pt)
Greece SAMOS 1912 Postcard Vathy to Athens
Early Picture Postcard of Nouveau Carlovasi, bearing SG6, 10 lepta Carmine (bisected officially as 5 lepta stamp), tied by Vathy datestamp with Athens arrival. (pt)
Greece Crete 1904 Postcard French Occupation
Early Picture Postcard from the French Occupation to France, bearing Crete Yvert 6, 10c Red red tied by La Canee Crete double-ring and endorsed Corps Francaise D'Occupation en Crete with Cannes arrival. Nice card. (pt)
Greece Crete 1910 (Boats) Postcard to Rumania
Early Picture Postcard of The arrival of S.E. Alexandre Zaimis, Haut Commissaire, en Crete 31 October 1906 a la Canee, to Romania, bearing French Crete Yvert 10, 30c Violet tied by La Canee Crete (Pothion Type A) datestamp with Bucurest arrival. Fine Card. (pt)
Greece Turkish Post Office 1910 Postcard
Early black & white Picture Postcard of Constantinople (Harbour, ships, boats, Bridges - Pont de Galata Avec vue de Pera), to France bearing Turkey Yvert 121, 10 para green tied by bilingual Dede-Aghadj (Coles & Walker 9) datestamp with arrival in Cherbourg. (pt)
Greece / UK 1919 Stationery Postcard Censored
Early black & white Picture Postcard (Postal Stationery Card) of Athens, Le Stade, bearing 10c Red cancelled by Field Post Office datestamp with Passed by Censor No.51 cachet in Violet. Very fine. (pt)
Greece 1919 Military Postal Stationery Card
PSC 10 lepta red to France, cancelled by French Military Vag-Etapes-21 A-A-O datestamp. Very fine quality item. (pt)
Greece 1919 Military Postal Stationery Card
PSC 10 lepta red to France, cancelled by French Military Vag-Etapes-21 A-A-O datestamp. Very fine quality item. (pt)
Greece 1818 Military Postal Stationery Card
PSC 5 lepta blue cancelled by Piree datestamp with Military cachet Ministere de la Guerre / Mission Francaise / Direction des Service le Vaguemestre Secteur 602 in Violet addressed to France. (pt)
Greece 1916 Military Mail Postcard to France
bearing Yvert 179, 1 lepta green (2) and Yvert 241, 3 lepta orange tied by Tresor et Postes 506 (Censor) CDS. Scarce. (pt)
Greece 1906 Incoming Mail PSC from Germany
Postal Stationery Card 5 pf green upgraded with SG69, 5 pf green tied by Berlin datestamp addressed to the Crete Police Force routed via the Austrian Post Office La Canea with UF. Postale Italiano La Canea / Isola di Creta arrival of the Italian Post Office. Scarce. (pt)
Greece 1916 French Military mail to France
envelope cancelled Tresor et Postes 502 datestamp with Military cachet Armee D'Orient Convois Automobiles T.M. 384 in blue. Very fine. (pt)
Greece 1915 Military Mail envelope to France
cover cancelled by Military cachet Armee d'Orient Telegraphie Militaire de 2nd Ligne 16th Section Technique in Violet with Boulogne arrival. (pt)
Greece 1915 French Military mail envelope
cover to France cancelled Tresor et Postes 502 datestamp with Military cachet 9th Escadron du Train / 21st Compagnie Terr. Le Capitaine Commandant in Violet. Very fine. (pt)
Greece Castelorizo 1921 Occupation mail Cover
envelope to France bearing French Levant Yvert 17, "1 pia on 25c" blue tied by Castelorizo Occupation Francaise / anchor cachet in violet routed via Rhodes. Superb. (pt)
Greece 1917 Correspondance Militaire PSC
Postal Stationery Card from a French Hospital Ship to Marseille cancelled Escadre des Dardenelles-Croiseur Auxillairs Santa-Anna / Le Medecin Major. Very fine and rare Exhibition item. (pt)
Greece 1919 Unstamped Military Mail to France
envelope cancelled by Violet Military cachet Legation de France en Greece / L'Attache Navel with Tresor et Postes (Censor) CDS. Scarce. (pt)
Greece 1921 Military Mail Cover to France
envelope cancelled Tresor et Postes 607 datestamp with Military cachet Genie de L'Armee du Levant Secteur 607 / Le Capitaine Commandant La Compagnie 33 / 54. (pt)
Greece 1917 Censored envelope to France
cover bearing Vlastos 313, 25dr blue tied by Salonique CDS with censor label and Armee D'Orient Censure Militaire cachet and Opened by Censor French cachet. (pt)
Greece Crete 1904 Military Mail Env to France
envelope bearing French Sower Yvert 130, 15c Green tied by La Canee datestamp with Military cachet Corps D'Occupation Francaise de Crete 122 $-Inf. / Le Commandant in Violet and Nantes arrival on reverse. (pt)
Greece 1896 Registered Env. to Constantinople
envelope bearing SG88, 10 lepta orange and SG108, 40 lepta blue tied by Athens CDS with matching registered label and British Post Offices Constantinople on reverse. Good combination. (pt)
Greece 1916 Military Mail from French Base
envelope from the French Base in Corfu Secteur 512 cancelled by Tresor et Postes 512 datestamp with Military cachet Service de Sante / Le Chef de Service in blue. Very fine. (pt)
Greece Austrian Post Office 1935 Prestamp Env
envelope to Trieste cancelled by the Austrian Post Office Salonich (Tchil Fig 593) charged 4 with disinfection cachet on reverse and Trieste arrival in red. Very fine. (pt)
Greece Samos 1921 Postcard from Balkar War
Picture Postcard to France bearing Vathy Hospital Fund SG33, 2d blue tied by Vathy Samos datestamp. A Very attractive item. (pt)
Greece Italian Occupation 1916 Registered Env
envelope to France bearing Italian Rhodes Yvert 4, 15c grey and Yvert 7, 25c blue (Pair) tied by Rodi (Egeo) double-ring with matching registered label and Censore No.2 cachet with censor label on reverse. Very fine. (pt)
Greece Crete 1873 Unstamped Cover Postage Due
envelope to Gallipoli cancelled by Zante double-ring, charged 6 with instructional Coi Postali Austriaci routed via Corfu with Italy Postage Dues Sassone 6, 10c Orange (3) and Sassone 7, 30c orange tied by Gallipoli datestamp on arrival. Superb. (pt)
Greece 1894 Postal Stationery Envelope USED
PSE 20 lepta red cancelled by Pyrgos double-ring addressed to Patros. Very fine. (pt)
Greece 1917 Military mail signed by Commander
envelope to France headed Ministere de la Guerre, Mission D'Epire with Military cachet Mission D'Epire / Le Colonel Francois Commandant in Red and signed by the Commander. (pt)
Greece / Crete 1897 Military Mail envelope
cover from the French Navy Division in Crete cancelled by Marine Francaise Service a la Mer addressed to Paris with arrival. (pt)