Iceland 1912 Picture Postcard to France Yvert 47 1eyr
bearing Yvert 47, 1 eyr olive and carmine tied by Crown / Skorrastadur canceller with numeral 41 transit of Nordfjordur. Scarce. (pt)
Iceland 1894 Cover to France via Scotland UK
envelope bearing Daka 17, 20 aur blue tied by Reykjavik CDS routed via Scotland with Versailles arrival on reverse. Very fine & rare cover. (pt)
Iceland 1903 Postcard to Belgium via Denmark
Early Picture Postcard of Waterfall, bearing Facit 53, 1 gildi on 10 ore red tied by Reyjavik double-ring routed via Denmark. Scarce stamp on card. (pt)
Iceland / GB 1903 PSC 10 aur Red to Holland
Postal Stationery Card cancelled by Reykjavik datestamp, with handstruck "Ship Letter / Blyth Northd" (Robertson S1) transit, and Gravenhague arrival. A superb example of this scarce Ship Letter used 9 years before the example recorded by Robertson. (pt)
Iceland 1927 Illustrated Stamp Dealers Cover
envelope from Sigurbjornsson, Reykjavik to France, bearing Yvert 145, 1e Green & Red and Yvert 145a, 3 aur Brown (Pair) tied by Reykjavik datestamp. Attractive. (pt)
Iceland 1913 Picture Postcard from the Faros Island
PPC bearing Denmark Facit 76, 1 ore orange tied by Trangisvaag datestamp with cachet on reverse "Station Navale D'Islande / Croiseur La Voisier". Scarce item of the French Navy Protecting the fishing fleet. (map)
Iceland 1914 Picture Postcard of Dyrafjorour / Paquebot
Coloured Picture Postcard (Boats, Mountains), bearing Daka 73. 5 aur green, written from Dyrafjorour and cancelled in transit by Edinburgh double-ring with handstruck Paquebot on reverse. Very fine. (pt)
Iceland 1888 Postal Stationery Card 8 aur+8 aur Violet Reply Card
cancelled by Eskifjodur datestamp addressed to the French Consulate in Copenhagen (Denmark). Very fine. (pt)
Italian Colonies (Somalia) 1936 Military mail PPC to Parma
Picture Postcard of Map (Africa Orientale), bearing Somalia 50c Violet Yvert 170 (Pair) tied by Dire-Daoua datestamp. Nice item sent during the Italian Occupation. (pt)
Iceland 1936 Registered envelope to England, UK
bearing 20 aur Red Facit 195, 5 aur Grey Facit 213, and 35 aur Blue Facit 215, tied by Reykjavik datestamp with matching registered label. (pt)
Iceland 1911 Picture Postcard (Woman) to France
PPC bearing 1 eyr Green-Red Facit 76 (Pair), and 3 aur Brown Facit 77, tied by Reykjavik double-ring paying printed matter rate. Attractive. (pt)
Iceland 1934 Picture Postcard of a Ship, sent to France
bearing 20 aur Red Yvert 140, tied by Reykjavik datestamp with French Boat cachet Croisieres des Chargeues Deunis in Violet with postcard of the ship. Nice item. (pt)
Iceland 1891 Postal Stationery Card 8
cancelled REYKJAVIK CDS, fine strike of Boxed SHIP LETTER and addressed to Holland. Difficult Commercial mail. (pt)