Johore Malaya to UK 1909 Postcard Arranga Saccharifera
Early Picture Post Card from G.R. Lambert & Col. Singapore, trees, sent to Scotland, bearing SG64, 4c purple and carmine tied by Crown / Bahru Johore double ring with Singapore transit.
Johore Malaya to Scotland 1909 Postcard - Sultans Grave
Early Picture Post Card of the late Sultans Grave Johore, addressed to Scotland UK bearing SG64, 4c Purple and Carmine tied by Singapore transit with adjacent Paquebot handstamp. Very fine.
Johore Malaya 1935 Postal Stationery Card / Postage Due
Postal Stationery Card 2c Green cancelled by Batu Pahat double ring addressed to the Tourist Bureau, Saigon with TAX handstamp applied and erased. Scarce item of Stationery.
Johore Malaya 1939 Censored Cover to Italy
envelope bearing SG109, 5c purple & green, SG113, 12c purple & blue, SG120, $1 green & mauve, and SG129, 8c slate (6) tied by Scudai Johore double-ring with registration and boxed "Passed by Censor 38" in violet with Passed by Censor label sent Air Mail K.L.M. via Singapore and Brindisi. (pt)
Malaya / Johore 1896 Newsband Wrapper to England
bearing Johore Johore SG39, 1c Green tied by Johore Bahru double-ring with adjacent Johore Bahru Paid in Red. Scarce item paying the one cent newspaper rate. (pt)
Malaya Johore 1939 Censored envelope to Ireland
cover bearing Johore SG129, 8c Grey & Blue tied by Kluang datestamp, routed via England with "Opened by Examiner 7796" label and Gaelic censor label applied on arrival. (pt)
Malaya (Johore) 1953 Airmail envelope to Japan (taxed)
bearing Johore 10c Magenta SG139 (3), tied by Johore datestamp, underpaid with TAX 40 centimes handstamp and Boxed Due / 48 Yen applied on arrival in red with Postage Due instructional label. Fine item. (pt)
Johore Malaya 1903 PPC to France via Singapore, PAID
Picture Postcard bearing SG23, 3c purple and red tied by JOHORE BAHRU CROWN with PAID datestamp in red, with octagonal French "PAQUEBOT Ligne N Paq. Fr. No.10" datestamp. A nice item. (pt)
Johore Malaya 1940 Censored Envelope to England UK
bearing SG129, 8c black and purple tied by SEGAMAT double-ring with Boxed PASSED BY CENSOR 16 cachet in violet and Censor Label. (pt)