Transjordan 1944 Censored Envelope to Lebanon
bearing SG201, 20m olive tied by Ammen datestamp with boxed Jordan censor and "Controle" censor label with cachet applied on arrival. (pt)
Transjordan 1940 Mourning Envelope to Lebanon
bearing Egypt SG235, 4m blue green tied by Helopolis datestamp with circular "Censorship Dept / 55" in violet, routed via Amman with boxed instructional "Missent to Amman" in violet and Damas arrival on reverse. Very fine and scarce item of missent mail. (pt)
Transjordan 1940 Censored Envelope to Lebanon SG200
15m blue tied by Amman datestamp with bilingual "Trans-Jordan Opened by Censor Amman" in violet on reverse with Beyrouth arrival. Very fine. (pt)
Transjordan 1925 Envelope Amman to Egypt Suez
cover bearing SG127, 1/2p Scarlet Strip of 3, tied by Amman datestamp in Violet with Suez arrival on reverse. (pt)
Transjordan 1924 Registered Envelope to Egypt
cover bearing SG39, 3 mill Brown and SG95, 5p Oliver, tied by Amman rubber datestamp in Violet with handstruck registered routed via Jerusalem with registered transit and Cairo arrival. Scarce franking. (pt)
Transjordan 1940 Censored Envelope to France
cover bearing SG200, 15 mils Blue tied by Irbid datestamp with "Trans-Jordan Opened by Censor Amman No" censor label with Lyon arrival. (pt)
Transjordan 1925 PPC to France + 1/8p & Palestine 1 mill
Picture Postcard bearing Palestine 1 mill Brown SG1; Transjordan 1/8p Chestnut SG125, and 1/4p Green SG126, tied by Amman datestamp in Violet. Very rare combination. (pt)