Lebanon Turkey Used In 1911 PostalStationery to France
Postal Stationery card 20para rose written from Dera and cancelled by bilingual 'Damas-Halep No.1' datestamp addressed to France with Segre arrival. (pt)
Lebanon 1945 Airmail cover to Beyrouth from France
Airmail envelope to Beyrouth from France bearing Yvert 676, 1f red, Yvert 713, 2f green and Yvert 717, 4f blue tied by Rhone datestamp, underpaid with m/s Tax and bearing Lebanon postage due Yvert 35, 10p green applied and tied in Beyrouth. Very scarce tax stamp on cover. (pt)
Lebanon 1942 Censored Military Air Mail Envelope
Cover from the British Military Field Post Office addressed to Beyrouth bearing Air Mail Yvert 68, 3p rose (2) tied by " Field Post Office 61" double ring with French Libre censor cachet and "Examined by Base Censor" label with circular "93" censor cachet applied on arrival. Very fine and unusual item. (pt)
Lebanon Turkish Post Offices 1902 Postcard of Canal
Picture Postcard of Canal entrance Port Said addressed to France bearing Turkey Yvert 92, 20p rose tied by oval bilingual "22 / Succursale Poste Liban" in blue from Sofar (Coles & Walker 119). Fine and scarce cancel. (pt)
Lebanon 1941 Censored Envelope to French India
Cover bearing Yvert 140, 4pi 50 lilac and Air Mail Yvert 47, 50p lilac tied by tripoli datestamp with Controle censor label in red, routed via Karachi with Due handstamp, Bombay censor and Passed by Censor cachet with arrival in Pondichery on reserve and circular "Unpaid". Nice item of mail. (pt)
Lebanon 1942 Nigeria Censored Cover to Guinee
envelope to French Guinee bearing Yvert 156, 15pi olive (2), Yvert 170, 5pi blue green (2) and Air Mail Yvert 69, 5pi yellow green tied by Bikfaya datestamp with Free French censor and Lebanon censor label and cachet, routed via Nigeria with boxed "Passed by Censor Nigeria / 12" applied in Violet with "Nigeria / Opened by Censor" and Kouroussa receiver with French Guinee censor label. Very fine item. (pt)
Lebanon 1942 Red Cross Censor Cover FREE MAIL
envelope with message sent "Free Mail" from France with German and Swiss Red Cross cachets, routed via Egypt with censor, cancelled "Croix Rouge Francaise / Delegation des Etats du Levant" with Beyrouth arrival and Levant France Libre censor. Nice item. (pt)
Lebanon 1918 Military Mail Postcard from Alep
Early Coloured Picture Postcard cancelled by Military Mail Cachet "Region D" Alep Le Colonel Commandant" in Violet. (pt)
Lebanon French Military Postcard 1920 - Camel
Military Mail. Early Picture Postcard #152 A Camel with her Young. Cancelled by Military Cachet "Commandent du Train des Equipages Militaires des T.F.L." in blue. Scarce. (pt)
Lebanon Turkish Post Offices 1899 Env. to USA
envelope to the United States bearing Turkey Yvert 85, 1 piastre grey tied by bilingual Saida double-ring in blue (Coles & Walker 152) with Orrville Ohio arrival and handstamp "Forwarded" instructional to Apple Creek. Very fine quality cover. (pt)
Lebanon 1930 Air Mail Envelope to Bagdad
Airmail cover bearing Yvert 77, "4p 50 on 0.75" brown, Yvert 103, 3p brown and Air Mail Yvert 30, 1pi rose, Yvert 32, "2pi on 1pi 25" green and Yvert 38, "0pi on opi 75" brown tied by Beyrouth date stamp with Air Mail label and cachet "Administrations des Postes Syro-Leibanaises / Premier vol Aeropostal Damas-Bagdad" in blue with undeliverable label on reverse. (pt)
Lebanon 1930 Air Mail envelope to France
Airmail Cover bearing Yvert 100, 1pi lilac, Yvert 101, 1pi 50 red (2) and Air Mail Yvert 25, 2pi sepia, Yvert 26, 3pi brown, Yvert 27, 5pi violet (2) and Yvert 35, 10pi brown tied by violet Beyrouth date stamp with Air Mail label. (pt)
Lebanon / USA 1899 Turkish Post Offices cover
Envelope to the United States bearing Turkey Yvert 84, 20 para lilac (pair) tied by bilingual Saida double-ring in black (Coles & Walker 152) routed via New York with Apple Creek arrival on reverse. Superb quality cover. (pt)
Lebanon 1926 Military mail envelope to France
cover cancelled by bilingual Djeble datestamp with Military cachet "Lieutenant Huillet Officier du S.R./Djeble S.P.601" in violet with arrival on reverse. Very Rare Military mail cancel. (pt)
Lebanon 1940 Censored envelope to Egypt
cover bearing Yvert 133, 1pi Green (2), Yvert 150, 0.10 Rose and Yvert 163, "12 1/2 on 7 1/2pi" Blue tied by Zahle datestamp with "Controle cachet in Violet, routed via Palestine with "Opened by Censor" label and M/Censorship Egyptian Censor. Nice item. (pt)
Lebanon 1941 Registered Censored envelope to the French Soudan
cover bearing Yvert 147, 50 piastres Olive Green and Yvert 166, 7 1/2pi Lilac tied by Beyrouth datestamp with registered label and "Controle" censor label with oval "Opened by Controle L.O./04" in Red, sent Air Mail with Bamako French Soudan (Sudan) arrival. Fine item of Censored mail. (pt)
Lebanon 1939 Censored envelope to France
cover bearing Yvert 151, 0.50 Rose and Yvert 154, 4p50 Carmine tied by Beyrouth datestamp with "Controle par L'Autorite Militaire L.O." censor cachet, routed via Egypt with "Opened by Censor" label applied in transit. (pt)
Lebanon 1939 Censored envelope to Switzerland
cover bearing France Yvert 374, 2f25 Blue tied by Poste Aux Armees datestamp with Beyrouth "Controle Postal Militaire" Censor label and "Ouvert par L'Autorite Militaire L.O." Censor cachet with negative censor routed via Egypt with "Egyptian Censorship / Opened by Censor" label applied in transit. (pt)
Lebanon 1943 Censored envelope to Egypt
cover bearing Yvert 170, 5 piastre Blue Green (4) tied by Zahle datestamp with Censor C.P./2 cachet and Egyptian Censor label and Boxed Postal Censor 17 applied on arrival in Egypt. (pt)
Lebanon 1944 Postal Censored envelope to Egypt
cover bearing Yvert 172, 20 Piastre Brown tied by Zahle datestamp with Censor C.P./2 cachet and Egyptian Censor label and Boxed Postal Censor applied on arrival in Egypt. (pt)
Lebanon 1944 Censored Air Mail envelope to the Ivory Coast
cover bearing Yvert 136, 1pi 50 Green and Yvert 186, "10pi on 12 1/2 pi" Blue (2) tied by Tyr datestamp, sent Air Mail via Syria with Syrian Censor cachet in Violet and "Controle" Censor label in Red with Agboville Cote D'Ivoir in Blue on reverse. Fine item of Censored mail. (pt)
French Levant 1942 Censored envelope
to the French navy ship "Lamoquese" at Beyrouth written from Damas and cancelled by Poste Aux Armees B.P.M. / F.F.L. datestamp with British From H.M. Ship Passed by Censor Cachet in Violet. Syrian Censor Cachet and label with Poste Aux Armees F.F.L.-1 of Beyrouth on reverse. Fine item. (pt)
French Levant 1901 Mourning envelope to France
bearing French Type Sage 15c Blue Yvert 101, tied by Beyrouth Syrie double-ring with handstruck Paquebot and Boxed B.M. (Mobile Box) and Gard arrival on reverse. (pt)
French Levant 1910 Postal Stationery Envelope 5c Green
cancelled by Mersina (Pothion Type 84) double-ring, addressed to Beyrouth Syrie. Scarce printed matter rate. (pt)
French Levant (Syria) 1868 Envelope to France
bearing French Napoleon 20c Blue Yvert 22 (Pair), tied by gros chiffres 5082 of Beyrouth with Boxed P.D. and Paq. Ang. Marseille entry cachet in Red. (pt)
French Levant (Lebanon) 1924 Military Mail Picture Postcard
to France written from Baalbeck and cancelled by Military Cachet Armee du Levant Aeronautique in Violet with Paris receiver. Scarce item. (pt)
French Levant 1907 Levant Postal Stationery Envelope 4c Green
cancelled by Beyrouth Syrie (Pothion Type E) double-ring, addressed to the Hodeida to Caaiffa railway. Very fine. (pt)
French Levant (Syria) 1878 Mourning envelope to Italy
bearing Type Sage 5c Green Yvert 75 (Pair), and 15c Grey SG77, tied by Beyrouth Syrie (Pothion Type B) double-ring routed via the Italian Post Office at Alexandria with Firenze arrival. Fine quality. (pt)
French Levant 1853 Stampless envelope to France
written from Beyrouth and cancelled by the French Post Office Tripoli de Syrie (Pothion Type A), charged 10, routed via Smyrne with Boxed Paquebots de la Mediterranee in Red with disinfection slits for cholera and Lyon arrival on reverse. Very rare item of Levant mail. (pt)
Lebanon 1941 Military Censored envelope to France
bearing "12 1/2 on 7 1/2" Blue Yvert 163 (4) tied by Beit Chebau datestamp routed via South Africa with 4 different labels. Nice item. (pt)
Lebanon / French Colonies (Liban) 1924 PPC to France
Picture Postcard (ALEP - Fabrication de Tapis Oriental), bearing 2c Lilac Yvert 22, and 5c Orange Yvert 23, tied by Beyrouth datestamp. (pt)
Lebanon (Turkish Post Offices) 1910 envelope to France
bearing Turkey 1 piastre Blue Yvert 148, tied by bilingual DJOUNIEH (Coles & Walker 156) datestamp routed via Beyrouyh with Nevers arrival. Very fine. (pt)
Lebanon (Turkish Post Offices) 1906 Turkish PSC 20 para Red
Postal Stationery Card written from British Syrian Mission and cancelled by bilingual Zahle datestamp, addressed to the British Post Office Beyrouth. (pt)
Lebanon 1909 Picture Postcard from Baalbeck to France
PPC of "Temple of Jupiter", bearing Turkey 10 para Green Yvert 121, tied by Baalbek (Coles & Walker 59) datestamp with French arrival. (pt)
Lebanon (Turkish Post Offices) 1907 PPC to France
Picture Postcard of a Huge Tree, bearing 20 para Red Yvert 108, tied by bilingual Broumana (Liban) datestamp (Coles & Walker 76). Scarce. (pt)
Lebanon 1906 Turkish Postal Stationery Card 10 para Green
upgraded with 10 para Green Yvert 107, tied by Arabic negative seal from Damas addressed to the British Post Office Beyrouth. (pt)