Levant 1920 Military Picture Postcard to France Rare
Picture Postcard from Constantinople endorsed "Mission Francaise a Angora" addressed to France cancelled "Tresor et Postes" datestamp with military cachet "Organisation de la Gendarmerie Ottomane / Gendarmerie Francaise" in violet with Landes arrival. Very fine and rare item. (pt)
Levant 1920 Prisoner of War Mail to Greece
War Mail endorsed "Camp D'Officers Prisonniers de Guerre No 5505 / Talas (Cesaree) Turkey" with boxed hand-stamp "American Y.M.C.A. / Constantinople Prisoner of War Bureau" in blue, stamboul transit on reverse and military cachet applied on arrival in Athens with negative censor. Very rare item. (pt)
French Levant 1900 Constantinople to Prague
Panaramic View card from Constantinople to Prague bearing French Type Sage Yvert 83, 1c black (8) tied by French Post Office "Constantinople Galata Turquie" double-ring, underpaid with manuscript TAX 25 applied on arrival. Nice item. (pt)
French Levant CILICIE 1919 Cover to Palestine
envelope to Jaffa, bearing Yvert 2, 20pa rose and Yvert 6, 1p blue tied by Mersine datestamp with "Controle Postal Militaire / Mersina Cilicie" censor in red routed via Stamboul. Nice item of commercial mail. (pt)
Levant 1730 Prestamp envelope to Venice
written from Constantinople and cancelled by "Uff Posta in Cospoli" circular in Red. Very fine item for the Exhibitor of Levant mail. (pt)
British Levant 1907 Postcard to Caifa Railway
Early Picture Postcard (Smyrne), addressed to the Director of the Hedjaz to Caifa Railway bearing SGL2, 1d red tied by Smyrne British Post Offices routed via Beyrouth with arrival of the Austrian Post Office Caifa. Unusual item. (pt)
British Levant 1923 Registered PSE to Greece
Postal Stationery Envelope 7 1/2 piastres carmine upgraded with SG45, 7 1/2pi on 5d Brown (2) tied by British Post Offices Constantinople double-ring with registered label addressed to Greece. Scarce item of Postal Stationery. (pt)
British Levant 1918 Registered envelope to Switzerland
cover bearing Turkey Yvert 577, 50 para blue (2) tied by Arabic Smyrne datestamp with boxed Turkish censor and registered label routed via the British Post Offices Constantinople with boxed Censored by British Authority 2 in red and instructional Registration Cancelled. Fine item. (pt)
British Levant 1894 Circular Mail to Patras
bearing Great Britain Queen Victoria Jubilee 1/2d Orange SG197, tied by F87 Smyrne with Patras arrival on reverse. Scarce single franking Paying Printed Matter Rate. (pt)
British Levant 1891 Austrian Postal Stationery Card 5kr Red
cancelled by Prague (Bohemia) datestamp, addressed to the British Post Office Constantinople with Austrian and British arrival cachets and handstruck instructional Not-Called-For with Boxed Retour. A fine item for the exhibitor. (pt)
British Levant 1893 Returned Paid Letter OHMS envelope
headed On Her Majesty's Service O.H.M.S., addressed to Constantinople with British Post Office receiver on reverse in Red. Very fine. (pt)