Malta 1838 Stampless Envelope to Quarantine Malta
Cover written from the "Brig, La Surprise off the Dardenalles" addressed to the "Conservator of the Museum des Miedaull,in Quarantine at Malta" with disenfection slits and purifie au Lazaret / Malta on revere. Very fine item. (pt)
Malta 1838 Paquebot Stampless Envelope to Paris
Cover addressed to Paris written from "La Hauteur de Stromboli" at Malta with m/s "Malta" and boxed "Paquebot de la Mediteranee" and charged 20 on arrival in m/s. Very rare item. (pt)
Malta 1906 Postcard to France / Postage Dues
Early Coloured Picture Postcard of St. Catherine's Church - Zeitun, bearing SG47, 1/2d green tied by oval Valette datestamp, underpaid with TAX handstamp and French Postage Dues Yvert 29, 10c brown (2) applied and tied on arrival by Lyon datestamp. (pt)
Malta 1905 Postcard to North Africa Underpaid
Early Picture Postcard of Ghar ld-dud - Sliema, bearing SG47, 1/2d green tied by oval Valette datestamp, underpaid with Tunisia Postage Dues Yvert 28, 5c blue (2) applied and tied on arrival by Birerzte datestamp. (pt)
Malta 1860 Stampless envelope Paquebot TAXED
Env written from Odessa with printed circular inside, sent on the French Paquebot "Phase" with double-ring cancel and taxed 6 in manuscript on arrival with Malta receiver on reverse. Very fine. (pt)
MALTA 1887 Cover via Port Said Egypt to Japan
envelope bearing SG23, Queen Victoria 2d grey, tied by A25 duplex routed via Port Said with Yokohama Japan CDS and native Tokyo arrival. Nice item. (pt)
Malta 1884 GB QV PSC 1d Brown A25 to France
Great Britain Postal Stationery Card 1d Brown cancelled by Malta A25 duplex addressed to France with Marseille receiver on reverse. (pt)
Malta 1906 Postal Stationery Card to France
PSC King Edward 7th 1d Red cancelled by Birchircara CDS addressed to France. (pt)
Malta 1897 B.M. PSC 1d Red to North Africa
Postal Stationery Card written from Valette addressed to North Africa cancelled by Tunis Regence de Tunis double-ring with oval B.M. (Mobile Box). (pt)
Malta 1919 KGV 1d on Postcard to Belgium
Early Coloured Picture Postcard bearing King George 5th SG73, 1d carmine tied by Misida datestamp, Very fine. (pt)
Malta 1943 KGVI Censored Cover to Switzerland
envelope bearing SG227, 1/6d olive and grey tied by Valletta double-ring sent Airmail with boxed "Crown Passed Censor DD / 13", routed via Gibraltar with transit and German censor label and cachet. (pt)
MALTA 1770 Early Pre-stamp envelope to France
with Marseille / De Malthe French entry cachet with Lille arrival re-directed to Brest and forwarded to St. Dominque in manuscript with handstruck St. Marc arrival cachet with circular B / Colonies handstamp then redirected back to Morlaix in France. A UNIQUE item of Malta Postal History for the Exhibitor. (pt)
Malta Smyrne 1839 PreStamp envelope to France
Early Letter written from Smyrne with French Post Office Smyrna (Turquie) double-ring, charged 18 in manuscript endorsed "Par Pyroscafe Francais de la Mediterranee" with boxed "Paquebots de la Mediterranee" in black with triple Lazaretto in Malta disinfection. Very fine item. (pt)
Malta Postcard - St Julians Bay 1916 POW Camp
Early Picture Postcard written from Polverista Prisoners of War Camp with double-ring "Free From Prisoners of War / Malta" with handstamp Censored E.S. in Violet addressed to Constantinople (Turkey). (pt)
Malta 1791 Pre-stamp envelope to France, FINE
envelope Charged 1f 20 in manuscript and cancelled Marseille De Malthe. Very fine Early Letter from the Knights of St. John. (pt)
Malta P.O.W. Mail 1915 Postcard to Turkey
Early Coloured Picture Postcard of Llyn Gwynnant, North Wales (mountains, river, trees), written from Polverista Camp with oval "Free From Prisoners of War / Malta" in Violet, addressed to Constantinople. (pt)
Egypt 1848 Stampless envelope to Malta, & via Malta
written from Alexandria and cancelled by British Post Offices Alexandria in Red, charged 5 with disenfection slits, routed via Malta with Lazarete cachet applied on arrival. (pt)
Malta 1939 Censored Envelope to Tunisia, North Africa
bearing 2 1/2d Blue SG222, tied by Valletta datestamp with "Crown No. 60 / Passed by Censor" cachet in Violet and "Opened by Censor" label. Nice item. (pt)
Malta 1939 Censored envelope to Genova, Italy
bearing 1/2d Green SG218, and 2 1/2d Blue SG222 (2) tied by G.P.O. Malta datestamp with registered label and "Crown No.69 / Passed by Censor" cachet in Violet and "Opened by Censor" label with "Postal Censor" Wax Seal. Very fine item of Censored mail. (pt)
Malta 1918 French Military Mail envelope
cancelled Postes Navales Medit. C. datestamp with Military Cachet 1st Armee Navale / De Malte in Violet. (pt)
Malta 1918 envelope to France written from Valetta
endorsed F.M. with Postes-Navales Medit. C. datestamp and Marine Francaise Service a la Mer cachet with French arrival. (pt)
Malta 1917 Military Mail PPC from Valletta, to France
Picture Postcard of Interior of St. John's Co. Cathedral, Valletta, cancelled Postes Naval Medit. C. datestamp with Military Cachet Marine Francaise Service a la Mer, addressed to France. (pt)
Malta 1917 Military Mail PPC from Valletta to France
Picture Postcard of Floriana Walsleyen Church Connaught Home, cancelled with Military cachet Marine Francaise Service a la Mer, addressed to France with Calvados arrival. (pt)
Malta 1914 PPC to Algeria, North Africa + 1d Red SG49
tied by Marseilles Bouches-Du-Rhone with handstruck Paquebot applied in transit. Picture Postcard of Strada Reale - Valletta, Malta. (pt)
Malta 1861 GB envelope to Malta + 6d SG70
Pale Lilac, tied by London duplex, routed via Marseille with Malta arrival on reverse. Very fine. (pt)
Malta 1863 GB envelope to Malta via Marseille
bearing 6d Deep Lilac SG83, tied by London duplex, with Malta arrival on reverse. Very fine item of incoming mail. (pt)
Malta 1889 envelope Tunis North Africa, underpaid, rare
cover bearing SG24, 2 1/2d blue cancelled on arrival by Tunis Regence de Tunis datestamp with oval B.M. (Mobile Box), underpaid with Tax handstamp and instructional a percevoir with Tunisia Postage Due Yvert 5, 25c black (pair) applied on arrival. A scarce item for the exhibitor. (pt)
Malta 1838 Pre-stamp envelope to France - Paquebots
cancelled by handstruck Malta Post Office, charged manuscript 34 with boxed PAQEUBOTS De La Mediterranee in black with Marseille transit, oval 1d (to pay) endorsed "address incomplete". A nice item. (pt)
Malta 1858 Incoming Mail from GB via London
envelope bearing SG40, 1d rose red, SG45, 2d blue plate 7, and SG70, 6d lilac tied by BRISTOL 134 obliterator, routed via London with Malta arrival. A very fine 3 colour franking. (pt)
Malta 1924 Picture Postcard to Paris France, scarce
PPC bearing SG73, 1d red tied by Valletta datestamp with British Empire Exhibition 1924 cachet in black. A scarce item. (pt)
Malta 1922 cover to Switzerland + Swiss Postage Due
envelope bearing SG98, 1/2d green and SG117, 2d grey tied by Malta datestamp, underpaid with Swiss Postage Due Yvert 48, 25c green and red tied by Luzern arrival. (pt)
Malta 1915 Military Mail envelope to France - steamer
written from the French Navy steamer "Condorcet" cancelled by military cachet Marine Francaise Service a la Mer in violet with Montpellier arrival. (pt)
Malta 1856 Pre-stamp envelope to France + charged 8
cancelled by Malta Paid in black with oval P.D. charged 8 erased and taxed 7 1/2 on arrival in France with French entry cachet. An interesting item. (pt)
MALTA Palestine 1918 Military Mail to France, Superb
envelope endorsed Troupes Francaise de Palestine au Tiralleurs Cottonera Hospital Malta cancelled by "Army Post Office H.W.I." CDS with "On Active Service Medt." cachet and "Passed by Censor No. 4182" in blue and opened under Marshal Law Label. A superb item. (pt)
MALTA 1916 Picture Postcard from Corfu on Bord Ship
Maltese Donkey Cart PPC written from Corfu on Bord the French navy ship and cancelled "Le Torpilleur d' Escadre Coutelas" in violet with "Marine Francaise Service a la Mer" cachet, a nice card. (pt)
MALTA 1909 Italian Postal Stationery Card
10c red PSC addressed to Malta and cancelled on arrival by Malta CDS with adjacent handstruck PAQUEBOT in black. Unusual item. (pt)
MALTA 1900 Picture Postcard to Russia + Postage Due
Grand Harbour - The Anglo Maltese Bank PPC bearing SG20, 1/2d green tied by "VALETTA" CDS underpaid with Russian TAX handstamp and MOSCOW Postage Due in oval. A nice item. (pt)
MALTA 1906 Picture Postcard to FRANCE + SG48 1d
Fort Lascaris PPC bearing 1d red and black tied by Adria-Ungherese / Anchor Ship Cancel in violet. (pt)
MALTA 1917 Picture Postcard to Indo-China "Paquebot"
Malta - Imtarsa Barracks PPC from the French Navy Steamer Warrundo with handstruck "PAQUEBOT" and "PASSED by CENSOR No. 4162" in purple addressed to Hanoi, Tonkin. Very unusual. (pt)
MALTA 1903 Picture Postcard to ITALY Milan
Malta - Valletta Saluting - Battery PPC bearing SG39, 1d red and black tied by Italian steamship Adria double-ring anchor in violet with Milan arrival, very attractive. (pt)
MALTA 1909 Picture Postcard to France, "Paquebot"
Mermaid - Aden PPC bearing Great Britain SG219, 1d red tied by Valletta double-ring with handstruck "PAQEUBOT". (pt)
MALTA 1945 Censored Cover to Tunisia, North Africa
envelope bearing SG220b, 1 1/2d black tied by Prince of Wales Road Sliema double-ring with opened censor label and TAX manuscript 20c handstamp with Tunis Postage Due Yvert 47, 1 franc green cancelled by "Le Kram" CDS on arrival. Rare combination. (pt)
MALTA 1927 Cover underpaid to Algeria North Africa
envelope bearing SG160, 1 1/2d brown tied by Valetta slogan datestamp, underpaid with TAX handstamp and Algerian Postage Due Yvert 12, "60 on 20c" olive (PAIR) applied on arrival in Algiers. Nice combination. (pt)
MALTA 1915 P.O.W. Prisoner of War Camp to Turkey
POW written from Turkish Doctor at Polverista Camp with oval "Free From Prinsoners of War P.C. 5" in violet with boxed Turkish censor and Stamboul arrival. Very fine. (pt)