Mexico 1891 Hand-Struck Registered Envelope to France
Cover to France bearing SG166, 2c lake, SG176, 3c scarlet and SG181, 25c scarlet tied by Guanajuato datestamp with boxed Hand-Struck registered in violet routed via Mexico City and New York with transit registered labels and Rouen receiver on reverse. Very fine item. (pt)
Mexico 1873 Envelope to France Toulouse
Cover to France bearing SG89, 25c red tied by boxed France en Quetetaro, routed via London with boxed Anglo -French accountancy GB/1f90c, with French entry cachet and taxed with hand-stamp 15 on arrival in Toulouse. Very fine. (pt)
Mexico 1893 Hand-Struck Envelope to France
Cover to France bearing SG179, 10c scarlet (pair) tied by Celaya datestamp with boxed hand-struck registered, Paris Etranger entry cachet and Rouen receiver on reverse. Very fine item. (pt)
Mexico 1855 Stampless Envelope to France
Cover to France cancelled "Franco Enelmin. De La Luz" double ring with hand-stamp 4 on reverse, routed via the British Post Office Vera Cruz with boxed "Colonies & art 12" acctountancy, London transit and taxed 15 on arrival in France. Very fine. (pt)
Mexico 1918 Envelope to England 10c blue
Envelope to England bearing SG398, 10c blue tied by Puebla roller with Mexican British Red Cross label in olive tied on reverse by concentric ring with censor label applied on arrival. Scarce item. (pt)
Mexico 1884 Cover to France Hidalgo SG148
Envelope to France bearing Hidalgo SG148, 12c green tied by Mexico duplex in blue with octagonal French Paquebot "Vera Cruz Lig. B. Paq. Fr. No2" datestamp in red (Salles 1438) with Paris Etranger arrival in blue on reverse. Very fine item of mail.
Mexico 1909 Postcard of Tomb at Guanajuato
Early Picture Postcard addressed to France bearing SG278, 4c Red, tied by Guanajuato datestamp routed via Nuevo Laredo with Rouan arrival. Nice card. (pt)
Mexico 1862 Stampless Cover Tampico to France
envelope to France written from Tampico with British Post Offices Tampico datestamp in red on reverse, routed via London with boxed Anglo-French accountancy G.B. / 1f60c, French entry cachet and Bordeaux arrival taxed 32 in manuscript. scarce item. (pt)
Mexico 1895 Wells Fargo Express 12c green PSE
Postal Stationery Envelope overprinted "Para Cartes / 1/2 oz a Europa Exclusivamente" in violet and cancelled Santarossa addressed to France with Paris Entranger entry cachet and re-directed in France with various ambulant and arrival cachets on reverse. Scarce item going overseas. (pt)
Mexico 1873 Envelope to France bearing SG88
12 cent blue with date and Tampico district overprint tied by oval Franco Tampico, charge 12 with boxed Anglo-French accountancy G.B./1f 60c, routed via London with French entry cachet and Bordeaux arrival on reverse. Superb overseas franking. (pt)
Mexico 1901 Offic.Registered Mail to France
Official registered, cancelled by Mex. D.F. date stamp with matching registered label. Fine quality. (pt)
Mexico 1883 Illus. Postal Stationery Envelope
Illustrated, embossed 'Secretaria de Estado Del Despacho de Guerra Y Marina / Mexico' with oval date stamp. Nice military item. (pt)
Mexico 1875 Envelope to Vera Cruz bears SG99
25 cent blue tied by handstruck Santiago-Tuxtla two line hand stamp with m/s date. Very fine. (pt)
Mexico 1873 Envelope to Mexico bearing SG89
25 cent red overprinted by date and Guanajuato district hand stamp and tied by Franco Guanajuato double ring. Fine quality item. (pt)
Mexico 1878 Envelope to France bearing SG99
25 cent blue overprinted with date and district name Queretaro and tied by oval Franco Queretaro date stamp, underpaid with m/s 35c and Tax 35 centimes hand stamp routed via New Orleans and New York with Etats-Unis V Angl-Paris (Salles 1791) date stamp in blue. Attractive and rate item of overseas mail. (pt)
Mexico 1861 Envelope to Zaporlau bearing SG11
4 real black/yellow bisect for 2 real, tied by oval Guadalajara date stamp in blue. Very fine. (pt)
Mexico 1878 envelope to France / Postage Dues
bearing Hidalgo SG105, 10c Orange overprinted Vera Cruz tied by Vera Cruz datestamp, routed via New Orleans and New York underpaid with N.T. Tax handstamp French entry cachet in Red and endorsed 1f05 on arrival in France. A Wonderful Exhibition Piece. (pt)
Mexico 1902 envelope to France from Free Zone Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
bearing United States 1c Green & Black Scott 294, and 4c Brown & Black Scott 296, tied by Cork Cancel with Nogales datestamp, routed via New York with Nimes arrival. (pt)