Portuguese Colonies / Mozambique Company 1909 PPC to Mauritius
Picture Postcard (Black Power Beira), bearing SG21, 20 real grey-lilac tied by Beira datestamp with Quatres Bornes arrival on front. Nice destination. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies (Mozambique) 1939 Registered envelope
to France, bearing 21 different stamp of the 1933 and 38 series tied by octagonal Quelimane datestamp in Blue with matching registered label. Attractive item. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies (Mozambique) 1944 Censored envelope
to Switzerland bearing 15c Black SG333, 30c Green SG335 (2), and 1e Claret SG344, tied by Mozambique datestamp, routed via Lourenco Marques, South Africa with transit Censor label and cachet, Lisbon with German Censor Strip and arrival cachet. Nice item. (pt)
Portuguese Colonies (Mozambique) 1904 Unpaid envelope
to France, cancelled by Lourenco Marques datestamp with TAX handstamp and French Postage Due 50c Violet Yvert 37, tied by NANCY arrival datestamp. (pt)
Mozambique Company 1907 Portuguese To FRANCE
Registered Envelope to FRANCE bearing SG117, 25 reis carmine (2) and SG120, 100 reis blue tied by BEIRA datestamp with matching registered label and handstamp ed A.R. (Advice of Receipt) in violet with PARIS arrival on reverse. (pt)
Mozambique Company 1906 Portuguese PSC 10r
Postal Stationery Card 10 reis pink upgraded with SG19, 15 reis brown tied by BEIRA datestamp in violet addressed GERMANY with HAMBURG arrival. A nice card. (pt)
Mozambique Company 1897 Portuguese, TO FRANCE
Picture Postcard to France bearing SG2, 10 reis green tied by octagonal BEIRA datestamp in violet. (pt)
Mozambique 1904 Portuguese Colonies PSC 25c
Postal Stationery Card 25c red cancelled by QUELIMANE datestamp routed via CHINDE and British Post Office ZANZIBAR addressed to GERMANY with arrival cachet. (pt)