Nicaragua 1907 Postal stationary cover to Germany
Postal stationary envelope 10c purple upgraded with SG206, 1c green, SG209, 4c orange and SG220, 10 on 2c red (pair) tied by oval Leon datestamp addressed to Germany with Boncourt arrival on reverse. Good stamps on cover. (pt)
Nicaragua 1898 Cover routed via Corinto
Postal Stationery Envelope 10 centavos purple cancelled by Managua oval in purple routed via Corinto, sent on French paquebot with octagonal Ligne D Paq. Fr. No 1 datestamp addressed to Switzerland with Lugano arrival (pt)
Nicaragua 1903 Stationery Cover via Corinto
Postal Stationery Envelope 10 centavos grey cancelled by Leon datestamp routed via Corinto with transit on reverse addressed to France with Bordeaux arrival cachet. (pt)
Nicaragua 1894 Stationery Cover via San Juan
Postal Stationery Envelope 10 centavos grey green cancelled by Rivas datestamp routed via San Juan des Sur with New York Foreign Transit datestamp addressed to France with Paris arrival (pt)
Nicaragua 1897 Stationery Cover Corinto
Postal Stationery Envelope 5 centavos cancelled by Corinto oval datestamp in violet addressed to Managua with arrival on reverse and Managua Cariero 4 tax hand-stamp. Fine item. (pt)
Nicaragua 1910 German Stationery Card 10c
Postal Stationery Card used with Nicaragua SG284, 10c lake tied by oval Granada datestamp addressed to France with Tulle arrival. Unusual item. (pt)
Nicaragua 1906 Stationery Card via New York
Postal Stationery Card 2 centavos carmine upgraded with SG209, 4c orange (2) tied by oval Chinandega datestamp in blue with Corinto transit routed via New York addressed to Belgium with Melle arrival. Superb. (pt)
Nicaragua 1894 Stationery Cover to Paris
Postal Stationery Cover 5 centavos blue upgraded with SG59, 5c blue tied by Granada datestamp, routed via Corinto addressed to France with Paris arrival. (pt)
Nicaragua 1896 Registered A.R. PSE to Reunion
Postal Stationery Envelope 5c red upgraded with SG94, 20c brown tied by Granada duplex with circular AR and boxed Granada registered routed via Corinto with handstruck registered transit, New York with registered label, Paris and Marseille, addressed to St. Denis, Reunion. A superb item of destination mail. (pt)
Nicaragua 1896 Cover via New Orleans - France
envelope bearing SG93, 10c bright blue tied by San Juan Del Norte duplex routed via New Orleans with Paris arrival. (pt)
Nicaragua 1896 Rare Stamp on Cover to France
envelope to France bearing "Franqueo Official SG090, 5c green (pair) tied by Managua duplex routed via Corinto. Scarce stamps on cover. (pt)
Nicaragua 1891 Registered Postal Stationery to France
Postal Stationery Envelope 10 centavos Grey upgraded with SG40, 10c Grey and SG41, 20c Lake tied by Managua duplex in Violet with handstamp Recommandee in Violet & Red routed via Corinto with transit and Paris arrival. Very attractive. (pt)
Nicaragua 1907 Registered "A.R." envelope to Italy
bearing 10c Ochre SG212 (2), "15c on 1c" Green SG226 (2), and "20c on 2c" Rose SG228 (2), tied by Managa oval datestamp in Violet with Boxed registered and oval A.R. (Advice of Receipt) with Napoli arrival on reverse. Attractive item. (pt)
Nicaragua 1905 Registered envelope to Switzerland, via France
bearing "5c on 10c" Mauve SG203, and "15c on 10c" Mauve SG204, tied by oval Granada datestamp in Violet with handstruck registered, routed via Paris with Morges arrival. (pt)