Obock (French)    

French Colonies Obock 1902 Registered Handstruck Env.
Registered and Charged envelope to France bearing Obock Yvert 55, 30cent bistre and green (2) tied by Djibouti Cote Francaise Des Somalis datestamp in blue with handstruck boxed accountancy with Charge and Valeur Declaree in violet, sent on French Paquebot with Lyon arrival. (pt)
French Colonies Obock 1895 Envelope to France
Envelope written on board the French Troop ship Bien hoa at Obock, and cancelled by Maarine Francaise Service a la Mer on route from Indo-China, the envelope is stamped with Obock Yvert 52, 15 cent blue and red and has been sent via British Mail and cancelled on arrival in port with Modane a Paris datestamp in red. A unique item of mail for the exhibitor. (pt)
French Colonies Obock 1909 Registered Cover to France
Envelope bearing yy; 46, 5 franc red and Yvert 55, 30 cent brown tied by Djibouti Cote Francaise Des Somalis datestamp with boxed registered and French arrival on reverse. Superb and rare franking. (pt)
French Colonies Oubangui-Chari 1935 TAX Cover from SAAR
Incoming mail envelope from Saar bearing SG179, 25c deep blue and SG181, 40c brown tied by Homburg datestamp, underpaid with boxed TAX handstamp and bearing Oubangui-Chari Postage Due Yvert 1, 5c blue, Yvert 7, 50c lilac and Yvert 9, 1f lilac brown applied and tied on arrival by Oubangui datestamp. Very Scarce item of Postage Due mail. (pt)
French Colonies OBOCK 1890 Registered Env.
envelope to France bearing Obock Yvert 33, 2c brown (3), Yvert 49, 4c brown orange, Yvert 35, 5c green, Yvert 50, 5c green, Yvert 51, 10c black & green, and Yvert 52, 15c blue, mixed with Djibouti Yvert 9, 5c green and Yvert 10, 10c brown & green tied by Djibouti Cote Francais des Somali datestamp in blue with boxed handstruck registered and Marseille arrival. Scarce mixed issue cover. (pt)
French Colonies Obock 1901 Postcard to France
Early Picture Postcard (Quartier Somali), bearing Obock Yvert 32, 1c black, Yvert 49, 4c brown and Yvert 50, 5c green tied by blue Djibouti cds. Attractive mixed franking combination. (pt)
French Colonies Obock 1895 Military Mail Env.
envelope endorsed "Corps Expedionaire de Madagascar" cancelled by Obock Colonie Francaise double-ring with French navy handstamp "Societe General Transport Maritimes a Vapour / Berry" in Violet addressed to France with Paquebot "Corps Exped. De Madagascar L.V. No.4" double-ring (Salles 2311) and Blois arrival. Rare item of mail from Obock, from the French soldiers in transit to the Occupation of Madagascar. (pt)