Palestine Austrian PO 1894 Reg Paquebot Cover to France
Palestine Austrian Post Office Registered Envelope to France, bearing Levant Yvert 23, 1p on 10k blue (2) tied by Jerusalem / Gerusalem datestamp with Gerusalem registered label routed via Egypt on French Paquebot with octagonal "Ligne L. Paq. Fr. No.3" datestamp and Dordogne arrival on reverse. Scarce item with French Maritime cachet.
Palestine French Military Detachment 1917 Postcard
Picture Postcard to France cancelled by Tresor et Postes 601a datestamp with military cachet 'Detachement Francaise de Palestine/Conseil de Guerre' in blue. Very fine and rare item from the War Council in Palestine. (pt)
Palestine 1907 Picture Postcard to France Yvert 107
10 para green tied by bilingual Jaffa datestamp in blue (Coles & Walker 143). Very fine. (pt)
Palestine 1911 Picture Postcard to France
Turkish Post Offices, Picture Postcard bearing Turkey Yvert 147, 20 para rose tied by bilingual Nasre datestamp (Coles & Walker 79) (pt)
Palestine Austrian 1885 Jerusalem with LETTER
Austrian Post Office in Palestine, envelope written from Jerusalem with illustrated letter bearing Austrian Levant Yvert 11, 10 soldi blue tied by Gerusalemme datestamp routed via the British Post Offices Alexandrien with TARN arrival. Superb item for the Judica collector. (pt)
Palestine Lebanon 1942 Reg Censor Env - Syrie
Registered Envelope to Syrie bearing SG108, 15m blue (2) tied by Jaffa datestamp with Registered label and boxed Palestine Censor cachet and label with Free French Censor arrival and "Controle" censor label applied in Damas. Nice item. (pt)
Palestine Austrian Post Office 1888 PSC 5s
Postal Stationery Card 5s red cancelled by Jerusalem / Gerusalem datestamp addressed to Germany with arrival. (pt)
Palestine 1945 Airmail Cover to Zurich O.A.T.
Air Mail envelope bearing SG97, 10m grey (6) tied by Tel-Aviv double-ring with boxed O.A.T. handstamp in Red. Nice item. (pt)
Palestine 1930 Registered PSE 13 mils Blue
Postal Stationery Envelope upgraded with SG98, 13 mils blue tied by Haifa oval Registered with matching label addressed to France. (pt)
Palestine 1918 Military Mail Correspondence
card cancelled by "Distaccamento Italiano di Palestine Commando" cachet in red with boxed censor "Verificato per Censura" in red addressed to France. Very fine and scarce item from the Italian troops in Palestine. (pt)
Palestine / Turkey 1911 Postcard to France
Early Picture Postcard of Jerusalem Todesangstgrotte Grotto of the pangs of death, bearing Turkey Yvert 159, "2 on 5 para" bistre tied by bilingual jerusalem 1 datestamp (Coles & Walker 11). Nice card. (pt)
Palestine French PO 1896 Envelope via Egypt
French Post Offices in Palestine Env., bearing French Levant Yvert 4, "1 piastre on 25c" Black Rose tied by Jaffa Syrie double-ring (Pothion Type D), routed via Port Said with Angers arrival in France. (pt)
Palestine 1935 Registered PSE to Yugoslavia
Postal Stationery Envelope 13 mils bistre upgraded with SG105, 7 mil Violet and SG108, 15 mil Blue tied by Haifa oval with Registered label and "Insured (Valeur Declared)" label in Red with handstamp instructional "Paids 19 grms" with Censor cachet in Violet, routed via Italy addressed to Yugoslavia. Fine item. (pt)
Palestine 1922 Registered Cover to France
envelope bearing SG62, 3 mil Brown (2), and SG66, 2 piastre olive tied by Tiberias double-ring with registered label routed via Haifa. (pt)
Palestine Turkish Post Offices 1910 London
Envelope to London bearing Turkey Yvert 123, 1 piastre blue tied by bilingual Halil Ul Rahman datestamp (Coles & Walker 132) routed via Jerusalem. A scarce cancel only 2 poor examples in the Sacher collection. (pt)
Palestine (Austrian) 1881 Cover to Marseille
envelope bearing Austrian Levant Yvert 4, 10 soldi blue tied by Jerusalem Gerusalemme (Tchil Type H) CDS, routed via the Austrian Post Office Alexandrien with Marseille arrival on front. (pt)
Palestine / British Military Occupation 1919
Registered envelope to Switzerland bearing SG11, 2 piastre olive tied by octagonal Halep 8 datestamp with boxed registered and boxed Halep censurship with oval Military cachet censor and label. Fine item from the Syrian Post Office. (pt)
Palestine British Military Occupation - Syria
1918 Registered envelope written from Acre Syria to France bearing SG5, 1 mill brown (2), SG6, 2 mill green and SG8, 4 mill red (4) tied by Field Post Office datestamp with registered label, boxed Palestine Censorship No.1 cachet and Examined by Censor label routed via the Base Office and Army Post Office. Scarce item. (pt)
Palestine 1918 Incoming mail France via Egypt
envelope from France with Opened Censor label and Passed by Censor No.7 CDS, cancelled on arrival by Army Post Office SZ 44 and Boxed Palestine Censor No.3 with Boxed instructional Unable to trace Base A.P.O.T. - E.E.F. in Violet & Army R.L.O. - E.E.F. Undelivered for reason stated return to sender. Unusual and scarce. (pt)
Palestine / Germany 1906 Postal Stationery
Postal Stationery Wrapper 5 centimes on 5pf green upgraded with Yvert 52, 5c on 5pf green tied by Jerusalem Deutsche Post double-ring addressed to Germany
Palestine 1907 Registered envelope to Italy
cover bearing Austrian Levant Yvert 34, "1 piaster on 10 heller" blue (Pair) tied by Jerusalem Osterr. Post double-ring with matching registered label addressed to Rome and re-directed to Venice. Attractive cover. (pt)
Palestine / Turkish Post Office 1900 Postcard
Early Picture Postcard (Hotel Deutscher Hof. & Beirut), addressed to France, bearing Turkey Yvert 84, 20 para lilac tied by bilingual Nazareth double-ring in blue (Coles & Walker Type 78) with Dole arrival in France. Very fine quality. (pt)
Palestine French Military mail 1920 Postcard
Early Picture Postcard of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem, addressed to France cancelled by Tresor et Postes 601 B with handstruck Military cachet "Garnison Francaise Jerusalem". Scarce item of Military mail. (pt)
Palestine / French Post Office 1908 Postcard
Early Picture Postcard (Tannery in Syria), bearing French Levant Yvert 9, 1c grey and Yvert 12, 4c brown, tied by Jaffa Palestine double-ring in blue (Pothion Type E) with Rouen arrival on reverse. Very fine. (pt)
Palestine / French Post Office 1901 Postcard
Early Picture Postcard of Jordan, bearing French Type Sage Yvert 102, 5c yellow green tied by Jaffa Syrie double-ring (Pothion Type D) with oval handstruck B.M. (Mobile Box), routed via Port Said (Egypt) with Calais arrival. Very fine. (pt)
Palestine 1915 Military mail Postcard, Scarce
Early Coloured Picture Postcard of Temple Aera, from Jerusalem cancelled by Corps Expeditionaire D'Orient Sans-Interdance M. / Alexandrie in Violet with Tresor et Postes 410 double-ring datestamp. Scarce item of Military mail. (pt)
Palestine / Turkish Post Office 1911 Postcard
Early Coloured Picture Postcard of the Dead Sea (La Mer Morte), from Jericho bearing Turkey Yvert 147, 20 para red tied by bilingual Jericho datestamp in Violet (Coles & Walker 149), addressed to Constantinople. Very fine quality item. (pt)
Palestine 1913 Postcard - Jericho to France
Early Picture Postcard of Jordan (lake, boat, trees), addressed to Paris, bearing Turkey Yvert 130, 10 para green (Pair) tied by octagonal Eriha (Jerusalem) datestamp (Coles & Walker 151). Fine & Rare postmark from this Turkish Post Office. (pt)
Turkey used in Palestine 1902 Postcard
Early Picture Postcard (Montagne du Thabor), to France, bearing 20 paras Yvert 91 tied by double-ring Nazareth (Coles & Walker Type 78). (pt)
Palestine 1919 Occupation mail Postcard
Early Coloured Picture Postcard of Constantinople, sent to France, bearing Palestine SG6, 2 mill blue green (2) tied by bilingual Adana 1 datestamp with Military cachet Cilicie Controle Posta routed via Alexandria with censor cachet. Rare office in Cilicie. (pt)
Palestine 1907 Austrian Levant Stationery
Postal Stationery Card 10 centimes red cancelled by Jaffa Osterr. Post double-ring addressed to Jerusalem with Austrian Post Office arrival on front. Very fine. (pt)
Palestine 1899 Turkish Postal Stationery Card
PSC 20 para lilac cancelled by bilingual Safed (Coles & Walker Type 86) datestamp routed via Port Said (Egypt) to France. Very Rare postmark. (pt)
Palestine / Turkish Post Office 1904 Postcard
Picture Postcard of the Dead Sea (Embouchure du Jourdain sur la mer morte), to Jaffa, bearing Turkey Yvert 40, 5 para brown (Pair) tied by bilingual Bon Samaritain (Coles & Walker 122) datestamp in Violet. (pt)
Palestine 1906 Postcard, Grand Hotel to Egypt
Picture Postcard of Arch of Ecce Homo Jerusalem, from the Grand Hotel Jerusalem to Cairo Egypt, bearing Austrian Levant Yvert 33, "20 para on 10 heller" rose tied by Jerusalem Osterr. Post double-ring routed via Ghezireh with Cairo arrival. (pt)
Palestine / Austrian P.O. (Levant) 1881 PSC
Austrian Levant 5 soldi Postal Stationery Card cancelled by Jerusalem Gerusalemme (Tchil Type H) datestamp routed via the Austrian Post Office Alexandrien to Berlin (Germany), with disinfection slit for purification. Scarce. (pt)
Palestine Hungary 1918 Military Mail Postcard
Early Coloured Picture Postcard from Bethlehem cancelled by K.U.K. Feldhaubitzabis. In der Turkei with Feldpost 452 cachet addressed to Hungary. Nice item of Military mail from Turkish troops in Palestine. (pt)
Palestine 1918 Military Mail - First Recorded
Picture Postcard of Bizerte (Le nouveau Palais du Gouverneur), to France, endorsed Exp. J. Menand 4th Chasseurs D'Afrique Etat Major du D.P.P. a Bizerte Turisie with Bizerte datestamp and Military cachet Cavalerie du Detachment Francais de Palestine Commandant de la Cavalerie in violet. This is the First Recorded Example of mail from the Palestine Detachment of French Troops in Tunis North Africa. (pt)
Palestine French Military Detachment 1918 PPC
Picture Postcard of Marseille Rue de Noailles, to France cancelled by Military cachet Corps Expeditionnaire de Palestine / Section T. M. 13073 in Violet. Very Rare. (pt)
Palestine / Turkish Post Office 1910 Postcard
Picture Postcard of The Dead Sea (boats), to France, bearing Yvert 122, 20 para rose, tied by bilingual Jericho (Coles & Walker 149) datestamp in Violet. Very Scarce cancel in violet. (pt)
Palestine / Turkey 1911 Postcard to France
Picture Postcard of Jericho General View, bearing Turkey Yvert 130, 10 para green tied by Bon Samaritain datestamp in Violet (Coles & Walker 122) with Paris arrival. Very fine. (pt)
Palestine / Austrian Post Office 1899 Reg Env
cover to France bearing Austrian Levant Yvert 21, 10 para on 3kr green (2), Yvert 22, 20 para on 5kr rose and Yvert 23, 1 piastre on 10kr blue tied by Jerusalem double-ring with matching registered label and Lyon arrival on reverse. (pt)
Palestine 1831 Pre-stamp Env to Aleppo Syria
written from Beyrouth, cancelled by cachet of the consulate Consular Sarde in Syrie and Palestine. Fine & Rare item for the specialist. (pt)
Palestine / Austrian Post Office 1907 Austrian Levant Certificate of Posting Receipt
cancelled by Jerusalem Osterr. Post datestamp addressed to Italy. (pt)
Palestine / Turish Post Office 1899 Postcard to France
Early Picture Postcard of Jerusalem, bearing Turkey Yvert 84, 20 para lilac tied by bilingual "Bur. Amb. Jerusalem-Jaffa 2" double-ring. Very fine quality. (pt)
Palestine 1882 Advice of Receipt Document (A.R.)
from the Italian Post Office cancelled by Jerusalem / Gerusalemme (Tchil Type H) datestamp of the Austrian Post Office. Fine and rare item. (pt)
Palestine 1906 Unstamped cover from the French Consulate in Palestine
envelope with cachet in blue on front and "Consulate General de France en Palestine / Jerusalem" in blue on reverse. Fine item of mail. (pt)
Palestine / Austrian Post Office 1911 Austrian Levant PSE
Postal Stationery Envelope 1 piastre blue cancelled by Caifa Oesteraeichische Post double-ring addressed to Paris with Egypt transit. Very fine. (pt)
Palestine Postcard of Beyrouth 1918 Military Mail
Early Picture Postcard (mountains, boats, ships, harbour), cancelled by Tresor et Postes 601 A datestamp of the French Detachment in Palestine. Very fine. (pt)
Palestine (Turkish Post Office) 1904 Picture Postcard
PPC of Tiberiade bearing Turkey Yvert 92, 20 para Rose tied by bilingual Nasre datestamp (Coles & Walker 79) with Lot and Garone arrival in France. (pt)
Palestine 1896 Turkish Postal Stationery Card 20 para Claret
cancelled by bilingual Jaffa (Coles & Walker Type 138) datestamp addressed to the German Church Beyroth Syria with receiving cancel of the Turkish Post Office. Quality item. (pt)