Papua New Guinea    

Papua 1908 Cover to France OHMS via Singapore
Envelope to France headed OHMS 'On His Majesty's Service' bearing SG35, 2 1/2d blue and black (pair) tied by Port Moresby Papua datestamp, routed via Thursday Island and Singapore with tranisit on reverse and Neuilly sur Seine receiver. Scarce item of commercial mail. (pt)
Papua & NG - GB Cover KG6 censored in Australia Samarai
1941 (Jan) Envelope franked 1/6 cancelled & registered Samarai & with boxed 1/3 Not/Opened by/ Censor/1 h/s & manu Tax 6d (Not Collected) in blue crayon by airmail to London. (pt)
Papua & NG Australia 1940 Censored Envelope
franked 2 x 2d plus 1d cancelled port Moresby with s/1 Passed & Port Moresby d/s alongside by airmail to Brisbane. Scarce censor. (pt)
Papua New Guinea 1940 Censored envelope to Switzerland
cover bearing SG1341, 1d Black & Green, tied by Port Moresby datestamp with Boxed Passed by Censor No.2 cachet in Violet. Fine item sent at printed matter rate. (pt)