Postcard (China)    

China Yunnan 1907 Chinese Constuction Workers Postcard
Picture Postcard of the "Chinese Construction Workers for the Yunnan Railway" addressed to Canada bearing French China Yvert 65, 5c green (pair) tied by Mong-Tseu Chine double ring with Hong Kong transit. Very nice item. (pt)
China PAKHOI 1922 Photo. Postcard to France
Early black & white Photographic Picture Postcard bearing Pakhoi Indo-China Yvert 51, "2/5 on 1c" olive, Yvert 52, "4/5 on 2c" brown and Yvert 54, "2 on 5c" green tied by Pak-Hoi Chine double-ring. A superb card bearing these scarce stamps on card. (pt)
China / Belgium 1908 PPC Lama Temple Entrance
Early black & white Picture Postcard of Entrance to the Lamas Temple, Peking (stone lions), addressed to Belgium bearing Chinese Imperial Post SG123, 2c Scarlet (2), and SG127, 10c green tied by Chengchow datestamp with Boxed handstruck registered routed via Imperial and French Post Office Tientsin routed via Siberia with Feluy arrival in Belgium. Superb item of quality. (pt)
China 1907 Registered Postcard to Belgium
Early black & white Picture Postcard of New Year Festival at Jung-ho-Kung, addressed to Belgium bearing Chinese Imperial Post SG123, 2c Scarlet (2), and SG127, 10c Green, tied by vernacular Chengchow datestamp with manuscript registered routed via the Imperial and French Post Office Tientsin with German registered "Vom Auslande" label applied in transit with Feluy arrival in Belgium. Very fine. (pt)
China PPC used in Hawaii 1937 to Madagascar
Early Picture Postcard of the New York Lines S.S. "Tango Maru" Ship, written from Hawaii and bearing China SG396, 2c Olive, SG410, 1/2c Sepia and SG412, 2 1/2c Claret tied by Shanghai datestamp addressed to Madagascar. Very fine. (pt)
China 1908 Postcard MONGTZE YUNNAN to FRANCE
Early Picture Postcard bearing Chinese Imperial Post SG121, 1/2c Brown (Pair), SG122, 1c ochre and SG123, 2c Red tied by Boxed AMETCHA tombstone cancel with vernacular YUNNAN datestamp on reverse, routed via the French Post Office Lao-Kay with Paris arrival. Very fine item of mail from Yunnan Province. (pt)
China 1940 German Censored Postcard to France
German "Swastika Censor" on Post. Early Postcard bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG470, 15c Scarlet (Pair) tied by Tientsin datestamp with circular C Censor routed via Siberia with German Censor arrival cachet. (pt)
China 1904 Postcard to Shanghai, Postage Dues
Early Picture Postcard of Public Garden Hot House, Margary Monument, Garden Bridge, Astor House, bearing Chinese Imperial Post SG108, 1/2c Brown tied by vernacular datestamp, underpaid with TAX handstamp and Chinese Postage Due SGD138, 1c ochre tied by native Shanghai datestamp. Scarce commercial usage. (pt)
China Postcard 1904 PPC to the Tchang Sin Tieu Railway
Picture Postcard of Bridge at Wan-Chow-Chan near Peking (Shanghai), bearing Chinese Imperial Post SG109, 1c ochre tied by vernacular Tche-Fou datestamp, routed via Peking with arrival. Fine item. (pt)