Republic 1912-1949    

China 1904 Ching-Fu Railway Cover - France via Shanghai
Envelope from the Ching-Fu Railway bearing Chinese Imperial Post SG122, 1c orange (Pair) and SG124, 4c brown (2) tied by Boxed Chan-Si cachet routed via the Imperial and Chinese Post Offices Shanghai with Paris arrival on reverse. Very fine.
China Japan 1941 RARE Pre Printed Censorship tape Cover
Envelope bearing Dr. Sun Yat Sen SG588, 8c turquoise tied by Shanghai datestamp with interim period brown paper seal (censor) and 3 segment black circle chop reading from top "Communications Ministry" and bottom "Censored". The middle section was for the censorship station number but is blank until January 1942. Scarce item of pre printed censorship tape.
China 1915 Reg. Red Band Cover to French China Haiphong
Registered Red Band Envelope bearing SG270, 2c yellow green, SG276, 8c orange and SG277, 10c blue tied by Lungchow datestamp with boxed handstruck Lungchow (Chine), routed via the French Post Office Lang-Son Tonkin with Haiphong arrival. Superb quality.
China 1917 Local Mail Cover to Canton Officially Sealed
Envelope bearing SG269, 1c yellow tied by vernacular datestamp addressed to Canton with Post and Telegraph "Officially Resealed" labels tied by Canton arrival. Nice item.
China 1946 Ceylon to Shanghai Airmail Cover Postage Due
Air Mail envelope from Ceylon to Shanghai bearing SG392, 25c brown and blue and SG394, 50c mauve tied by Colombo double ring with circular TAX "T / F / S" handstamp and bearing Chinese Postage Dues SGD1000 $30,000 on $1,000 purple BLOCK OF 40 applied and tied on arrival by Shanghai datestamp. A spectacular franking from the inflation period.
China 1930 Postage Due TAX Cover Shanghai Canton to USA
Envelope from the American Legation, Shanghai addressed to the United States consul, Canton, China, bearing SG273, 5c rosy mauve and SG389, 1c orange tied by Shanghai datestamp with Chinese Instructional label, underpaid with handstruck TAX and Boxed "TAX 10 cts" in Red and bearing Chinese Postage Dues SGD346, 10c blue tied by Canton datestamp.
China 1916 Registered Official mail envelope Peking
Registered Official mail envelope from the Inspectorate General of Customs Peking headed "On Service" addressed to the "H. Fletcher, Commissioner of Customs, Tengyueh, c/o Deputy Commissioner Bhamo, Upper Burma" bearing SG 270, 2c Yellow green (2) and SG 276, 8c brown-orange (2) tied by Peking (1) datestamp, routed via Shanghai and Singapore with "Passed by Censor / Rangoon" applied in violet and Imperial Post Teng-Yueh arrival datestamp on reverse. Superb item of mail. (pt)
CHINA 1913 Registered Official cover Customs Peking
Registered Official envelope from the Customs Peking addressed localy to the Inspector General of Customs, Peking cancelled by Imperial Post Office Peking (1) date stamp with boxed hand-struck registered ' no 348 '. Very fine item. (pt)
CHINA 1934 Offical mail cover Custom House Shanghai
Officail mail envelope from the Custom House, Shanghai Headed 'On Service' addressed to H. Fletcher in Jersey, bearing SG 398, 5c green and SG 415, 10c purple (2) tied by Shanghai date stamp. Fletcher was the Commissioner of Customs in Swatow, Shanghai and Tengyueh, Yunnan. This envelope find him in happy retirement in Jersey. (pt)
CHINA 1916 Newsband wrapper Peking and Tientisn Times
Newsband wrapper from the Peking and Tientsin Times addressed to the ' H.Fletcher, Commissioner of Customs, Tengyueh, cancelled by ' G.P.O. Section Mail Matter Under Contract Category B' double ring with Imperial Post Tientsin date stamp routed via Bhamo and Rangoon with ' Passed Censor Rangoon / 1' cachet in violet and Rangoon G.P.O. / Sorting ring. Very fine item of overland mail. (pt)
CHINA 1916 Cover from the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank
Envelope from the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank addressed to ' H.Fletcher, Customs House Tengyeh' bearing SG271, 3c green tied by Shanghai date stamp ( stamp perfined H.S.B.C.) routed via Hokhow and Yunnan with Imperial Post Teng-Yueh arrival date stamp on reverse. Fine item of mail. (pt)
China - Japan 1943 Japanese Occupation North China
1943 (April) Envelope franked Dr. Sun 30c , 8c, 1c & 3c all with various Surcharges cancelled & registered Canton to Japan with red on white Japanese Censors resealing label. Scarce. (pt)
China Manchuria 1941 Reg. Envelope to China
bearing SG84, 4f olive ans SG95, 20f brown tied by Harbin datestamp with double boxed registered and Manchukuo censor label. Scarce. (pt)
China - Sweden 1917 Russian PO in China
1917 (Jan) Envelope franked on rev Russia 20k Ovptd China canc & registered Shanghai to Sweden & w/ Russian Censor label tied h/s & Stockholm. (pt)
China-France 1940 Censored HK/France/Air Transit
1940 March Envelope from French soldier franked $5, $1 & 10c Sun Yat Sen cancel. Tientsin to Garonne by airmail & endorsed "Pekin-Shanghai-Hong Kong-USA to France/Pan American Airways" & w/circ Air Transit/6 h/s & red on white Opened by Censor / Hong Kong label tied boxed 13 h/s overlaid by "Controle" label tied Ouvert h/s w/on rev circ Btn. Mixte D'Infie. Cole. De la Chine du Nord/le Vaguemestre w/Anchor in centre Unit h/s. (pt)
China Manchuria 1944 Reg. Envelope to Germany SG80 1f
Envelope to Germany bearing SG80, 1f brown, SG88, 9f orange, SG125, 2f blue and orange, SG129, 2f brown and yellow, SG133, 2f carmine and SG134, 4f blue tied by Fuchin datestamp with boxed registered hand-stamp in violet, routed via Osaka Japan with German censor label and cachet on reverse applied on arrival. Very fine. (pt)
China Manchukuo 1938 Envelope to Switzerland
written from the Catholic Mission Tsitsikar bearing SG85, 5f slate (2) and SG89, 10f blue tied by Tsitsikar vernacular datestamp routed via Siberia. (pt)
China 1942 Censored Envelope to Batavia
tied by Shanghai datestamp, routed via Hong Kong with "Opened by Censor Hong Kong" label and Batavia circular censor cachet and opened by censor label applied on arrival. Very fine item of censored mail. (pt)
China Philippines 1948 Incoming Mail from China SG1011
$30,000 on 30c orange and SG1017, $60,000 on $4 brown (2) tied by Shanghai datestamp with boxed instructional "Returned to Sender / Unclaimed" with circular "Advertised Mail" datestamp and boxed Chinese instructional. Fine item. (pt)
China 1916 Reg. And censored Envelope to Switzerland
bearing SG291, 3c blue green (4) and SG296, 8c orange tied by Chengchow datestamp with boxed hand-struck registered, routed via Peking and Manchuria via Russia with boxed censor No 689 in violet and Russian censor label applied with Geneva arrival. Very attractive item. (pt)
China 1917 Reg. Cover to France SG271 3c blue-green
registered Envelope to France written from the French Railway Ligne du Lung-Hai bearing SG271, 3c blue-green (block of 10) tied by Chengchow datestamp with boxed Chengchow registered with hand-struck A.R. and boxed vernaculuar censor cachet "Chengchow / Censor / Inspected" routed via Peking, Moukden, San Francisco and New York with Paris arrival. Very scarce item of censor mail. (pt)
China 1921 registered Envelope to France SG268
from the French Consulate at Canton bearing SG268, 1/2c brown (2), SG271, 3c blue-green (6) and SG273, 5c rosy mauve (2) tied by Canton datestamp with boxed registered in red with hand-struck A.R. sent to Shameen with receiver and forwarded to Marseille. Attractive item. (pt)
China 1941 Registered Envelope to Netherlands Indies
bearing SG421, 50c green and SG496, $1 brown and sepia tied by Shanghai datestamp with registered label and boxed R.R. routed via India and with applied in transit and Batavia "Geopend Door Censuur" label with circular "Dev/9" cachet. Very fine item of censored mail paying the double registered rate. (pt)
China 1925 Picture Postcard to Shanghai SG310 1c orange
Picture Postcard to Shanghai SG310 1c orange tied by Peking datestamp, underpaid with tax handstamp and bearing Chinese postage due SG D 334, 1c blue applied and tied on arrival with Shanghai cds. (pt)
China 1931 Junk - Cover to France via Siberia
envelope bearing Junks SG312, 2c green, SG315, 4c olive (Pair) and SG321, 10c blue tied by Tsinanfu tombstone cachet routed via Siberia with Lisieux arrival. RARE cancel. (pt)
China 1941 Airmail Env. to Netherlands Indies
Air Mail envelope to Dutch East Indies bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG473, $1 brown & sepia, SG474, $2 blue & brown, SG475, $5 green & red, SG538, 20c blue and SG543, 40c orange tied by Shanghai datestamp sent Airmail via Singapore with "Passed by Censor Singapore" cachet in Violet with instructional "To be Forwarded by Air From Singapore" and Batavia "Geopend Door Censuur" label with oval "Dc/C/6" cachet and circular Dev/6. Superb item of Censored mail. (pt)
China 1947 Registered Airmail Cover to India
Air Mail envelope bearing SG962, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen $5000 Brown, SG965, $10000 carmine & blue (2) and SG978, "$500 on $20" apple green tied by Shanghai datestamp with matching registered label, various instructionals on reverse "D.L.O. Bombay" and "Inconnu Not Known" with boxed "retour" on front and forwarded to Calcutta with "Unclaimed / Refused Letter" label attached and sent back to Shanghai. Nice item. (pt)
China 1918 Red Band Envelope Chinese Labourer
Red Band Envelope from the Chinese labourers in France endorsed "Groupement Chinois Issoudun / Indre" bearing SG271, 3c green tied by Peking datestamp addressed to Tientsin with "Vu. T.C." hand-stamp censor of the Travelling Chinoise in France. Scarce. (pt)
China Manchuria 1940 Censored Env to Scotland
Envelope bearing SG59, 8f yellow and SG90, 12f orange tied by Moukden datestamp routed via Canada with "Opened by Examiner 6215" censor label. (pt)
China 1926 Stationery Card 4c red upgraded
Postal Stationery Card 4c red upgraded with SG270, 2c yellow green tied by Chaoyang datestamp from Chihli Province (Hebei Province) with Chinese boxed instructional in violet, routed via Siberia addressed to France. Very fine. (pt)
China 1918 Military Mail Postcard Tientsin
Italian Post Office, Military Mail Postcard printed for the Italian Troops in the Far East written from Tientsin with "R.R. Poste Italiane Tientsin Cina" datestamp and boxed "Militaire Censura" applied in red. Addressed to Bergamo. Very fine and scarce. (pt)
China 1919 Registered PSE via USA to France
Postal Stationery Envelope 3c Green upgraded with SG271, 3c green and SG275, 7c Violet (2) tied by Imperial Shameen datestamp with handstruck boxed Registered Canton (Shameen) routed via New York with transit and Examined by Censor tape addressed to France with Paris arrival on reverse. Very Scarce item of Postal Stationery. (pt)
China 1939 Maritime Mail Envelope to Penang
Cover bearing SG402, 25c Blue (Pair) tied by Italian Steamer "S/S Conte Biancamano" datestamp routed via Singapore with "Paquebot Singapore" double-ring and Boxed "Passed by Censor 35" applied on arrival in Penang. Fine item. (pt)
China 1917 Junk Censored Cover to Switzerland
envelope bearing Junk SG277, 10c blue tied by showinga datestamp with Harbin transit, routed via Siberia with "Bureau Ambulant Pukow Ku-Tientsin No.2" and "Bureau Ambulant Peking-Tientsin No.1" Railway transit with Boxed Russian Censor cachet and label with Swiss Censor label and Opened Censor cachet. Very fine item. (pt)
China 1921 Double Registered Cover Fr Railway
envelope (14c rate) addressed to the French Railway Co. in Mengtsz bearing Junk SG288, 1c orange and Reaper SG298, 13c brown tied by Yunnanfu datestamp with handstruck boxed registered. Attractive example of the short lived 14c rate which included 1c for famine relief. (pt)
China 1942 Double Registered Cover to USA
Censored envelope to the United States bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG475, $5 red & green (2) SG485, $1 brown & sepia (Perf 14), SG494, 30c scarlet and Martyr SG524, 40c orange tied by Kunming datestamp with registration label routed via New York with censor label applied. (pt)
China 1945 Censor Registered Cover to England
Censored envelope bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG746 to 751, $30 orange brown tied by First Day Cover cachet with registration label and Opened by Examiner label applied in England. Scarce. (pt)
China 1948 Inflation Airmail Env Switzerland
envelope to Switzerland bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG968, $100,000 yellow & green and SG1004, $10,000 red tied by Shanghai datestamp. (pt)
China 1948 Inflation Air Cover to Switzerland
Airmail envelope bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG966, $20,000 green & carmine (2) and SG967, $50,000 Indigo & green (5), tied by Shanghai datestamp. (pt)
China 1947 Registered Airmail Inflation Cover
envelope to Switzerland bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG865, "$800 on $30" brown and SG949, $2000 blue & brown (2) tied by Shanghai datestamp. Very fine. (pt)
China 1948 Registered Airmail Inflation Cover
envelope to Switzerland bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG839, "$500 on 3c" brown, SG860, "$100 on $1 violet", SG893, $1000 Scarlet and SG894, $3000 blue tied by Shanghai datestamp. Very fine. (pt)
China 1948 Gold Yuan Airmail Inflation Cover
envelope to Switzerland bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gold Yuan overprints SG1092, "$1 on 40c" Brown, SG1097, "$2 on $100" crimson, SG1098, Martyrs "$5 on 17c" olive and SG1103, "$10 on 40c" orange. Tied by Shanghai datestamp, Very fine. (pt)
China 1948 Registered Airmail to Switzerland
envelope bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG1092, "$1 on 40c" Brown (block of 4), and Gold Yuan overprints SG1103, "$10 on 40c" Orange (Pair) tied by Shanghai datestamp. Very fine. (pt)
China Manchuria 1930 Paquebot Cover to France
envelope bearing China Junks SG315, 4c olive and SG 317, 6c red tied by Dairen I.J.P.O. datestamp in violet with handstamp Paquebot routed via Siberia. (pt)
China / Gold Yuan 1949 Reg. cover to Shanghai
Registered Express envelope bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG1084, "50 on 40c" lake and SG1097, "$2 on $100" crimson tied by Shanghai datestamp with part of registered express label on reverse. (pt)
China 1934 By Netherlands Airmail to France
Air Mail envelope bearing SG323, Reaper 15c deep blue (4), and SG392, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen 20c Blue (5), tied by Shanghai datestamp with instructional "Air Mail via Bandoeng Amsterdam" and handstamp "By Netherlands Air Mail". (pt)
China Philippines 1948 Returned to Sender Env
envelope sent by Printed Matter from China bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG1011, "$30000 on 30c" Orange and SG1017, "$60000 on $4" Brown (Pair) tied by Shanghai datestamp addressed to Manila with Boxed instructional "Returned to Sender Unclaimed" with circular Advertised Mail and "Letter Carrier Section Verified" in Violet. Fine item of inflation mail. (pt)
China 1941 Registered Censored Airmail to USA
Air Mail envelope bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG470, 15c scarlet, SG494, 30c scarlet (Pair) and SG595, $2 blue & black (2) tied by Shanghai datestamp with registered label, routed via Hong Kong with "Opened by Censor Hong Kong" label in Blue with double-ring "Air Transit 6" cachet in Green and Honolulu (Hawaii) Registered transit. Addressed to New York. Fine cover. (pt)