Salvador 1865 Stampless envelope to France
cancelled La Libertad Salvador in blue with boxed handstruck Franco in Red with Anglo French Accountancy G.B. over 2f 87 5 /10 (Van der Linden 1629) manuscript 12, routed via Panama, London & Pairs. Superb item. (pt)
El Salvador 1904 Registered AR Cover to Italy
envelope bearing SG487, 2c carmine (2), and SG493, 24c red tied by San Miguel datestamp, with boxed registered and handstruck A.R. (Advice of Receipt), routed via New York with Napoli arrival. Nice item. (pt)
Salvador 1898 PSC 3c Orange via US to Belgium
Postal Stationery Card cancelled by Oficina de Correos San Salvador double-ring in blue routed via New York to Belgium with transit and arrival cachet. Superb. (pt)
Salvador 1891 PSC 3c Black via USA to France
Postal Stationery Card cancelled by San Salvador datestamp routed via New York with transit cancel addressed to Paris and forwarded. Fine. (pt)
El Salvador 1910 Exhibition PPC to France
Early Picture Postcard bearing SG642, 1c brown and SG645, 4c carmine tied by San Salvador Exterior datestamp, with French arrival cachet. (pt)
El Salvador 1913 Cover to Curacao via Panama
Cover bearing SG663, 1c green & black, and SG664, 2c brown & black, tied by Sonsonate datestamp routed via Panama. Nice item. (pt)
El Salvador 1910 Postal Stationery Envelope
PSE 1c green overprint 1909, upgraded with SG643, 2c deep green and SG644, 3c orange tied by cork cancel with adjacent Acajutla datestamp addressed to San Salvador. Attractive item. (pt)
El Salvador 1889 PSE 10c red via USA - France
Postal Stationery Envelope with SG30, 1c green tied by La Libertad datestamp routed via New York to France. (pt)
Salvador 1898 Registered AR PSE 13c upgraded to France
Postal Stationery Envelope upgraded with 10c Orange SG141 tied by Star cachet Certificado San Salvador datestamp with handstruck Boxed registered and A.R. (Advice of Receipt), on French PAQUEBOT with octagonal Ligne D. Paq. Fr. No.2 datestamp and Paris arrival on reverse. A superb and colouful item. (pt)