Japan Occupation Sarawak 1940 Censored Redirected Cover
Envelope from Japan bearing SG396, 5s claret with Japanese Censor label and cachet addressed to Miri and re-directed to Kuching. Very rare item of incoming mail during the Japanese occupation (of Sarawak).
Sarawak 1940 Censored envelope to England SG112 8c
Censored envelope to England bearing SG 112, 8c brown tied by Rejang datestamp with boxed "Passed by Censor" routed via Kuchang. Very fine and scarce. (pt)
Sarawak 1940 Censored envelope to Canada SG106
Censored envelope to Canada bearing SG106, 1c purple, SG107, 2c green, SG109, 4c bright purple and SG116, 20c olive and carmine tied by Lawas datestamp with boxed registered handstamp, routed via Labuan and Singapore with "Passed for Transmission Singapore/49" censor cachet in violet and Victoria arrival on reverse. Very fine. (pt)
Sarawak 1940 Censored envelope to the USA SG106 1c
Censored envelope to the United States bearing SG106, 1c violet, SG107, 2c green (pair), SG108, 3c black and SG109, 3c bright purple tied by Saratok datestamp routed via Kuching. Very fine. (pt)
Sarawak to NZ 1941 Registered envelope Kuching
August 1941 envelope from Chartered Bank Kuching franked 15c & 8c cancelled & registered Kuching with boxed Passed by censor handstamp to Bank of New Zealand, Wellington. (pt)
Sarawak UK 1940 Envelope cancelled Kuching Underpaid
April 1940 envelope franked 6 x 1c cancelled Kuching with Crown Passed by, Censor label (CCSG1) underpaid & with "T" handstamp & manu 10cts to York. Rare Sarawak Censor. (pt)
Sarawak Malaya Jap. Occupation 1943 Envelope
Official mail Envelope to Kuching bearing Japanese Occupation of North Borneo SGJ18, 4c red (pair) tied by vernacular Sibu datestamp in violet with boxed censor hand-stamp and cachet "Third Divisional Treasury" in violet. Very fine and rare item of commercial mail. (pt)
Sarawak Malaya 1939 Envelope to England
Censored Envelope to England bearing SG112, 8c brown tied by Simanggang Sarawak datestamp with boxed Passed by Censor in violet routed via Kuching. Scarce village cancel. (pt)
SARAWAK 1943 Official Mail Cover to Kuching
JAPANESE OCCUPATION OF SIBU. Official mail envelope to Kuching bearing Japanese Occupation of Malaya SG J300 4 cents rose carmine (pair) tied by Sibu (18. 12. 2603) date stamp in violet with boxed hand-stamp 'On Government Service' with double ring cachet 'Third Divisional Treasury Sibu' in violet. Very rare item of commercial mail from the Japanese Occupation. (pt)
SARAWAK 1939 Censored envelope to England
Cover bearing SG 112, 8 cents brown tied by Simanggang cds routed via Kuching with boxed 'Passed by Censor' hand-stamp in violet. Very rare village cancel. (pt)
SARAWAK 1940 Postal stationery card 2c green
Upgraded with SG 109, 4c violet tied by Saratok cds addressed tothe United States with boxed 'Passed by Censor' in purple. Scarce item from this small village. (pt)