China 1902 Steamer Postal Stationery Card to France
PSC 1 cent red mixed with French Post Office Yvert 4, 10c black tied by Shanghai Chine double ring addressed to France sent on the French steamer "Manilia". Very fine. (pt)
China 1929 Registered Envelope to France
Registered Cover bearing SG382, 10c blue (strip of 3) tied by Tientsin dat stamp with registered label and boxed Chinese / English instructional "At Senders Risk" routed via Moukden, Shanghai and Kobe Japan with "via Siberia" label. Very fine item. (pt)
China Chefoo Local Post 1894 Cover to Shanghai
Envelope to Shanghai bearing SG5, 10c brown (strip of 3) tied by Local Post Chefoo double ring endorsed 'Per First Steamer' with Shanghai Local Post arrival in blue on reverse. Very fine item. (pt)
China 1911 Picture Postcard of "Public Garden" Shanghai
addressed to Pei-tai-ho bearing SG109, 1c ochre tied by Shanghai datestamp with with boxed vernacular transit in blue and Imperial Post Office Peiteiho arrival. Fine item. (pt)
China 1940 Censored Envelope to the US 50c green
Censored cover to the United States bearing 525, 50c green tied by Shanghai datestamp routed via Singapore with Passed by Censor / 24 hand-stamp in violet with Kisaran transit and the Netherlands Indies with Censuur Batavia and "Gecensureerd/4" in red with circular Dev/8. Nice item. (pt)
China 1941 Registered Envelope to Netherlands Indies
bearing SG496, $1 brown and sepia tied by Shanghai datestamp with registered label and Netherlands Indies opened censor label and hand-stamped "Gecensureerd/5" in red with Pasoeroean arrival. Nice item of censored mail. (pt)
China 1906 Picture Postcard from Canton
Picture Postcard bearing SG111, 4c brown tied by Pa Kua chop routed via Shanghai with instructional "From Steamers Letter" addressed to Canada. Very fine. (pt)
China 1910 Cover from Nimes Sower 25c
Incoming mail from Nimes bearing Sower 25c blue tied by Nimes datestamp addressed to the Commander of the Frigate "Doudant de Lazree" at Shanghai and forwarded via Haiphong, Lao-Kay Tonkin, Mong-Tseu and Yunnan-Fou with Imperial Post Office arrival in Ning-Yuen-Fou. Scarce item of incoming Yunnan Province mail. (pt)
China 1907 Postal Stationery Card 1c red
Postal Stationery Card 1c red written from Lan Kin Tuo upgraded with SG109, 1c ochre and SG110, 2c red tied by vernacular datestamp routed via Chungking and the Imperial and French Post Office Shanghai addressed to France. (pt)
China 1910 Postage Paid Envelope via Shanghai
Postage paid Envelope headed "On Service" addressed to the Commissioner of Customs Nanning routed via Shanghai and Wuchow. (pt)
China Canton 1902 Red Band Cover to Shanghai
Registered Envelope bearing Canton Yvert 8, 15c grey and Yvert 10, 25c black / rose tied by Canton double-ring with boxed hand-struck registered with French Post Office Shanghai arrival. Very scarce item of registered mail from Canton. (pt)
China 1901 Chinese Imperial Post 1c red
Stationery Card written from Weihaiwei upgraded with SG108, 1/2c brown (pair) and SG109, 1c ochre (pair) tied by Weihaiwei double-ring routed via the Imperial and French Post Office Shanghai bearing French China Yvert 4, 10c black tied by Shanghai datestamp addressed to England. Very fine exhibition item. (pt)
China 1901 Picture Postcard from Navy Ship
Picture Postcard written from the Austrian Military Detachment Navy Ship at Shanghai cancelled by military circular "K.U.K. Maria Theresia S.M.S" in violet with hand-struck ship cancel "S.M. Schiff Kaiser in & Koenigin Maria Theresia" routed via Trieste with Laxenburg arrival. Very fine and rare. (pt)
China 1896 PSC from GB to AMOY via Hong Kong
Incoming Mail Postal Stationery Card from Great Britain, Queen Victoria 1d Red cancelled by Norwich duplex addressed to Amoy with British Post Offices arrival on reverse and forwarded via Hong Kong to China with "Customs Shanghai" receiver in blue on front. Very fine item. (pt)
China Shanghai 1940 Censored Cover to India
envelope bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG473 $1 Brown & Sepia tied by Shanghai datestamp with registered label, endorsed "Per 1st available Steamer" with Bombay arrival and Opened by Censor label with Passed by Censor cachet. (pt)
China 1948 Airmail Inflation Cover / Shanghai
envelope to Switzerland bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG798, $100 Brown, SG837, "$200 on 10c" green and SG839, "$500 on 3c" lake tied by Shanghai datestamp. Very fine. (pt)
China Prisoners of War Mail 1915 Military Env
POW Cover written from Lungkwa Camp and cancelled by Boxed handstamp "Internee Mail Free of Postage Shanghai P.O." with Shanghai datestamp sent Air Mail to Canada. Scarce envelope. (pt)
China Shanghai 1941 Censored Airmail to India
China Fibre Container Co. printed envelope bearing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen SG478, $1 sepia & brown, SG479, $2 blue & brown, and SG589, 10c emerald green tied by Shanghai datestamp routed via Singapore with Censor Label and "Passed by Censor 16" cachet with instructional "To Be Forwarded by Air Mail from Singapore" in violet with Bombay arrival on reverse. Very fine. (pt)
China Customs 1898 Registered Cover to Canton
envelope bearing Imperial Chinese Post SG97, 1c Orange & SG101, 10c Green tied by "Pa Kua" obliterator with adjacent Tientsin customs with handstruck registered, routed via Shanghai with transit Dollar Chop and Canton Dollar Chop applied on arrival. Very fine quality item. (pt)
China 1897 envelope to Belgium / Peking Dollar Chop
cover from the Belgian Legation in China, addressed to Brussels cancelled by Peking Dollar Chop with Boxed Paid handstamp , routed via Shanghai with Customs Shanghai datestamp on reverse and French Indo-China Yvert 8, 25c Black-Rose tied by French Post Office Shanghai Chine double-ring paying the overseas postage. Very fine and attractive combination. (pt)
China 1901 Picture Postcard of Shanghai, to France
PPC of Entrance of the Chinese quarter from the French Settlement, bearing Chinese Imperial Post 2c Scarlet SG123 tied by oval Peking datestamp. Fine card. (pt)