Romania 1909 Postal Stationery Card to Cairo
PSC 15 bani Violet, upgraded with Yvert 103, 5b Green (Pair) tied Ciulnita Gara. Very pretty. (Rumania) (pt)
Romania 1909 Postal Stationery Card to Cairo
PSC 10 bani Red upgraded with Yvert 103, 5b Green "Strip of 3", tied Cidlnita Gara. Very pretty. (Rumania)
Romania 1890 Postal Stationery Letter Card, Taxed
PS Lettercard 10 Bani Red upgraded with Yvert 105, 10 bani rose tied by Ploesci double-ring, addressed to France, underpaid with TAX handstamp and French Postage Due Yvert 29, 10c Brown tied on arrival. Very fine. (Rumania)
Romania 1914 Picture Postcard (Jerusalem) to Galatz
PPC of Jerusalem, Grave of the Virgin Mary, bearing SG561, 5 bani Green tied by Alexandria-Constanta double-ring. Scarce ship cancel. (Rumania)
Romania 1922 Postal Stationery Card 20 bani Olive, Taxed
PSC upgraded with SG888, 11 Rose and Postal Tax SGT978, 10 bani Green, tied by Gara Movileni datestamp in Blue with Aranyosmeggye arrival cachet. Attractive item. (Rumania)
Romania 1915 French Military Postcard (flags)
from the French Military Division in BUCHAREST cancelled by Violet double-ring MISSION FRANCAISE AERONAUTIQUE ROUMANIE, addressed to Paris, Very Rare, signed by CALVES. (Rumania)
Rumania (Romania) 1898 Registered envelope to France
bearing 25 bani Mauve SG322 (strip of 3) tied by Buftea Gara double-ring in Blue with matching registered label and Paris arrival on reverse. A very attractive item. (pt)
Rumania (Romania) 1906 Postal Stationery Letter Card 15 bani Violet
upgraded with 10 bani Red SG389, tied by Agentia Speciala Balcesti-Arges datestamp addressed to Switzerland with Geneva arrival. (pt)
Rumania (Romania) 1895 Postal Stationery Card 15 bani Brown
upgraded with 5 bani Blue Yvert 102 (Pair) tied by Galicea-Mare Jud, Dol Jiu double-ring in Violet with Graiova transit addressed to Paris with arrival on reverse. Attractive. (pt)
Romania 1909 Registered envelope to Paris, France
bearing 50b Orange Yvert 212 tied by Gara de Nord Bucuresti double-ring with matching registered handstamp . Attractive. (pt)
Rumania / Romania 1972 envelope to Galatz
bearing 10 bani Blue SG107, tied by Craiova datestamp with Boxed P.D. routed via Pitesoi with transit in Red and Galati arrival. (pt)
Romania 1880 envelope to France Marseille arrival on reverse
bearing 5 bani Green SG126, and 5 bani Pale Red SG127 (2) tied by BUCURESCI datestamp with French entry cachet Roumanie-Avigon Paris datestamp in Blue. (pt)
Romania 1877 envelope to France - (Applied in Error)
bearing 15 bani Brown-Red SG115 (2), tied by BUCURESCI double-ring with French entry cachet of Portugal-St. Jean de Luz 3 Amb E. applied in error with Marseille arrival on reverse. Interesting item. (pt)
Romania 1873 instructional envelope to France via Austria, TAXED
bearing 25 bani Orange SG110 tied by GALATZ datestamp, with handstruck instructional insuffisiment Affranchie and Insffisant handstamp , with French entry cachet and TAXED 8 in manuscript on arrival. Scarce combination. (pt)