Austrian Levant 1873 Envelope to Trieste
Env bearing Franz Joseph 5 solde red (3) tied by Tchil Fig. 446 LLOYD AGENZIE CONSTANTINOPLE, Varna transit and Trieste receiving on reverse. (pt)
Austria 1896 Maritime Postal Stationery Card
PSC 2kr brown upgraded with Yvert 48, 3kr green used from SEBENICO with Zadar Zara double-ring, stamps tied by two line LET ARR PER MARE maritime cancel addressed to France with arrival CDS. (pt)
Austria Levant 1909 PPC - Train Post Offices
Picture Postcard Grand rue de pera, from Constantinople to France, bearing Crete Yvert 15, 5c yellow green tied by Conspoli-Constanta-Bucuresci double-ring (Tchil Fig. 454) with French arrival cachet. A Roumanian cancellation used on the Train Post Offices between Constanta and Bucarest. Seldom seen on cover. (pt)
Austrian Levant THRACE 1905 PSC 20p to Paris
Postal Stationery Card 20 paras surcharged to Paris postmarked ADRIANOPEL THRACE (Tchil Type 950) in double-ring. (pt)
Austrian Levant 1902 Postcard Rodosto Seaport
A Picture Postcard from the small seaport of Rodosto (Eastern Thrace) bearing the 10 paras 1890 issue tied "Rodosto Oesterreichische Post" (Tchill fig. 973) sent via Dardanelles to Egypt. Tchilinghirian records no covers or Postcards notified from this office. A great rarity. (pt)
Austrian Levant Greece 1839 Cover to Trieste
envelope from Salonique cancelled by single line Salonich (Tchil type 593), disinfected handstamp on reverse. Scarce. (pt)
Austria 1871 Cover Cat.Ferchenbauer 3,000 AS
envelope to France bearing Branz Joseph Yvert 38, 25kr lilac tied by oval Trieste datestamp with French entry cachet in Red. Cat.Ferchenbauer 3,000 AS. (pt)
Austria 1905 Registered Postcard to France
Picture Postcard bearing Yvert 70, 10h red, Yvert 71, 20h brown and Yvert 84, 5h green tied by STEBNIK CDS with matching registration label. Scarce registered Postcard. (pt)
Austria 1874 Envelope to France TRIEST oval
Cover bearing Franz Joseph Yvert 38, 25kr lilac tied by Triest oval, handstruck P.D. and French entry cachet in Red on front. (pt)
Austria 1824 Prestamp envelope to Paris #19
Env to France postmarked by straight line JUNGBUNZLAU in black handstruck L.A. and boxed AUSTRICHE PAR FORBACH transit manuscript 19 and arrival cachet on reverse. (pt)
Austrian Levant Bulgaria 1883 PSE to Belgium
Franz Joseph 10 soldi blue Postal Stationery Envelope cancelled by Filipopoli datestamp routed via the Austrian Post Office Constantinople addressed to Belgium with Liege arrival on reverse. Very fine & scarce item of Postal Stationery. (pt)
Austria 1873 Newsband Wrapper "Non Dimandata"
News Band Wrapper 2kr yellow cancelled by Trieste oval with handstruck P.D. addressed to Venezia with arrival and instructional "Non Dimandata" on reverse. Nice item. (pt)
Austria 1867 Envelope to France Mixed Issue
Env bearing Arms Yvert 30, 10kr blue (Pair) and Franz Joseph Yvert 34, 5kr red tied by Wien CDS with PD and French entry cachet in red with Lyon arrival. Fine quality mixed issue cover. (pt)
Austria Levant 1904 Underpaid Cover / Railway
envelope from Constantinople to the Director of Railways Smyrne, Turkey, bearing Levant Yvert 34, "1pi on 25 heller" blue tied by Constantinople datestamp with Austrian Levant Postage Due Yvert 4, "2 p on 40 heller" green tied by Smyrna Oesterreichisch Post (Tchil Type K) double-ring. Rare combination. (pt)
Austrian Levant 1909 Postcard Corfu "Palacky"
Early Picture Postcard from Corfu bearing Austria Yvert 106, 10h rose tied by "Palacky Osterr. Lloyd" datestamp (Tchil Fig 207) addressed to Switzerland with Winterthur arrival. The "Palacky" was built in 1907 and served on the line to Constantinople. (pt)
Austria 1835 Pre-stamp Reg envelope to France
cover sent Charged and Registered with hand-struck Charge and Prag straight-line, charged 26 in manuscript with "Autriche par Forbach" transit with boxed LA and hand-stamp Charge applied on arrival in France. Very fine item. (pt)
Austria 1921 Stamp Dealers Registered Cover
Envelope from "Maison Ziegler Vienne" bearing 3 colour combination tied by WIEN datestamp with Registration label. (pt)
Austria 1905 Cover to North Africa Tunis
envelope bearing Yvert 81, 1ch violet, Yvert 82, 2ch black (2) and Yvert 87, 20h brown tied by Wien datestamp routed via France with Bizerte Regence de Tunis arrival on reverse. Nice item of destination mail. (pt)
Austria 1877 Stationery Correspondance Card
Postal Stationery Card 2kr Brown upgraded with Franz Joseph Yvert 33, 3kr green and Yvert 34, 5kr red tied by Margarethen Wien datestamp addressed to France with "Autr / Avricourt 3" French entry cachet in Blue. Nice franking. (pt)
Austria 1882 Printed Cover Trieste to Belgrad
Printed circular to Belgrad bearing Franz Joseph Yvert 32, 2 kr yellow and Yvert 34, 5 kr red tied by Trieste datestamp with Belgrad arrival on reverse, Nice franking paying the 7 kr rate. (pt)
Austria 1897 Registered Stationery to France
Postal Stationery Envelope 5kr Pink upgraded with Yvert 52, 15kr Purple tied by Troppau datestamp with Registered label addressed to France with arrival on reverse. (pt)
Austria Cividale 1876 Postal Stationery Card
PSC 2kr Yellow upgraded with Yvert 34, 5kr red tied by Marburg datestamp addressed to Cividale. Very fine franking. (pt)
Austrian Levant 1908 Women Postcard to Cyprus
Early Picture Postcard - Peasant's wife baking bread on the Saj, bearing Levant Yvert 33, "20 para on 10 heller" rose, tied by Beirut Oesterr Post double-ring addressed to Sergeant at the A.S.S. Limassol with Larnaca transit. (pt)
Austrian Levant / Greece 1856 Stampless Env.
envelope to Trieste written from the small island of Tenedos and cancelled by Tenedos datestamp (Tchil 582) in Blue with handstruck Franco, charged 12 with arrival on reverse. Scarce cancel rarely offered in Exhibition quality. (pt)
Austrian Levant 1858 Stampless Env to ITALY
envelope cancelled by double-ring Constantinople datestamp, charged 11 with handstruck Accountancy D.A.a.L in red (Van der Linden 869) with Boxed Genova arrival on reverse. Very fine. (pt)
Austrian Levant / Roumania 1846 Stampless Env
envelope to France cancelled by the Austrian Post Office "Gallatz 9. Apr." in Blue (Tchil 741) charged 11, disinfected with punch holes, routed via Austria with A.T. transit and French entry cachet "Autr. / Forbach" datestamp in red and TAXED 16 in manuscript on arrival with oval 1d paying the local charge. Attractive item. (pt)
Austrian Levant 1827 Prestamp Disinfected Env
envelope to France written from the Sardinian Consulate in Smyrne with cachet on reverse, cancelled by handstruck Turquie, charged 20 in manuscript with disinfection punch holes and cachet routed via Austria with handstruck "Autriche Par Huningue" and AT. In Black with arrival on reverse. Very fine quality cover. (pt)
Austrian Levant 1902 Postal Stationery Card
PSC "20 para on 10 heller" red, cancelled by Rodosto Oesterreichische Post double-ring addressed to Paris with arrival. Scarce postmark from the Levant. (pt)
Austrian Levant (Greece) 1913 Postcard to Holland
Picture Postcard (Vue D'Athenes), bearing Crete Yvert 15, 5c yellow green tied by Prevese Oesterr. Post double-ring (Tchil Fig 518) with "Ambulance de la Croix Rouge Neerlandaise en Grece" (Red Cross) cachet in Red and Utrecht arrival. Scarce item. (pt)
Austrian Levant (Rumania) 1905 Postcard to Buchurest
Coloured Picture Postcard (ships, #60 Vue de Terapia, Editeur Georges Papantoine, Constantinople), bearing Austrian Levant Yvert 33, "20 para on 10 heller" red tied by Conspoli-Constanta-Buchuresti double-ring (Tchil Fig 454) used on the train Post Offices between Constantza and Bucarest. Very fine. (pt)
Austrian Levant 1900 Disenfected Mail to Egypt
Picture Postcard of Triestie (Monumento Massimiliano), bearing Austria Yvert 70, 10 heller red tied by Trieste Lazzaretto Marittimo Triest Seelazareth double-ring with Zefta arrival. Very Rare item of mail for the disinfection specialist. (pt)
Austria (Danube Steam Navigation Company) 1868 envelope
to Galatz, Rumania from Sistov Bulgaria bearing D.D.S.G. Yvert 3, 10kr green tied by single circle 18/11 in blue (Tchil Fig 317) with oval Galatz receiver on reverse. Very fine item. (pt)
Austria (Danube Steam Navigation Company) 1876 envelope
to Galatz, Rumania from Sistov Bulgaria bearing D.D.S.G. Yvert 3, 10kr green tied by Sistov datestamp in blue. Very fine item. (pt)
Austria (Danube Steam Navigation Company) 1876 envelope
to Galatz, Rumania from Sistov Bulgaria bearing D.D.S.G. Yvert 3, 10kr green tied by Sistov datestamp in blue, underpaid with tax handstamp and Galatz double-ring arrival. Unusual item. (pt)
Austria 1892 Postal Stationery Envelope 5kr red
PSE upgraded with Yvert 46, 1kr grey (5) tied by Wien datestamp addressed to the French Bank Odessa with receiving on reverse. Very fine item. (pt)
Austria 1867 envelope to Italy
bearing Yvert 31, 15kr brown tied by Triest datestamp, charged "05=" with A1 Swiss transit and Accountancy Deb. Aus. S., on reverse Udine-Verona ambulant with Napoli arrival. (pt)
Austria 1873 Postal Stationery Envelope 15kr Brown
cancelled by Trieste oval datestamp addressed to Egypt with Austrian Post Office Alexandria receiver on reverse. Nice combination. (pt)
Austria 1852 Stampless envelope to France
cancelled by Bezau CDS, charged 3 erased with 10 tax, handstruck L.A. with transit Uber Basel (Van der Linden 2873) routed via Brapen and Feldkirch with French entry cachet Autriche / Beau Fr. 1 De Bale in red. Fine and scarce item. (pt)
Austria 1915 Military Mail Feldpost Correspondence card
for the Marine written from Pola and cancelled K.U.K. Kriegsmarine Wien datestamp in blue with handstruck Zensuriert in red. Fine item. (pt)
Austria 1887 Postal Stationery Letter Card 5kr Rose
cancelled by Marburg Bahnhof datestamp addressed to France, underpaid with TAX handstamp and French Postage Due Yvert 14, 5c black and Yvert 17, 20c black tied by Bordeaux datestamp on arrival. Rare Tax combination. (pt)
Austria 1871 envelope to France
bearing Franz Joseph Yvert 38, 25kr lilac tied by Wien CDS handstruck P.D. and French arrival cachet. Cat. Ferchenbauer 3,000 A.S. (pt)
Austria 1879 envelope to France
bearing Franz Joseph Yvert 34, 5kr red (2) tied by Graz CDS with French entry cachet in red and arrival on reverse. (pt)
Austria used in Czechoslovakia 1846 Unstamped envelope
to France cancelled by handstruck Nimes 1/8 in blue, routed via Prag 2 Aug on reverse with handstruck P.D. and Franco in red and double French entry cachet Autr. Forbach in red. Attractive item. (pt)
Austria 1867 envelope to France
bearing Yvert 24, 5kr rose and Yvert 25, 10kr blue (Pair) tied by Gorz datestamp with red P.D. routed via Wien with French entry cachet and Guebwiller arrival. Superb cover of quality. (pt)
Austria 1878 Mourning envelope to France (Paris)
cover bearing Franz Joseph Yvert 36, 10kr blue (2) tied by Penzing CDS with adjacent boxed handstruck Recom. and French entry cachet with various transits on reverse. A very fine item. (pt)
Austria 1864 envelope to France / underpaid
bearing Yvert 31, 15kr brown tied by Frohnleiten CDS, underpaid with instructional Insuffisanent Affranchisment, charged 5 with French entry cachet and Marseille arrival. (pt)
Austria 1844 Pre-stamp registered Cover
from Brazezan (Galicia) to France. Fine wax seals. (pt)
Austria 1817 Registered & Charged Prestamped
to France cancelled by d'Autriche straight line with handstruck Charge, endorsed De Wienne, charged 30 with boxed Allenagne Par Strasbourg transit in black. (pt)
Austrian Italy 1863 envelope to Milan
bearing Lombardy Yvert 12, 3 soldi green (3) and Yvert 17, 10 soldi brown tied by Vicenza CDS with handstruck P.D. in red and Milano arrival. Nice franking (Ferchenbauer 8,000 A.S.). (pt)
Austria 1862 Internal Env PILSEN to BOTTENMAN
Envelope bearing Yvert 18, 3kr green (5) paying 15kr rate tied by WIEN boxed datestamp in transit with straight line Bottenman receiver on reverse. Very nice franking. (pt)