Austria 1885 Registered envelope to France
cover bearing Yvert 43, 10kr blue (3) tied by Argo datestamp with handstruck registered, routed via Switzerland with Ambulant transit and Paris arrival. A superb item of quality. (pt)
Austria 1868 envelope to France
bearing Franz Joseph Yvert 38, 25kr lilac tied by oval Trieste datestamp with French entry cachet in blue. Cat. Ferchenbauer 3,000 AS. (pt)
Austria 1851 envelope to Belgium / First Issue
bearing Yvert 5, 9kr blue tied by Wien datestamp, charged 6 in manuscript with boxed Accountancy U.P.A. 3e R. (Van der Linden 2894) routed via Germany with Bruxelles arrival on reverse. Scarce foreign destination on first issue. (pt)
Austria 1916 Newsband Wrapper to Geneva
bearing Austrian Feldpost Yvert 25, 5h green tied by K.U.K. Zensurstelle in Feldkirch cachet in red. Scarce. (pt)
Austria 1918 Feldpost card to Bohemia / Fund Label
bearing Austrian War Widows & Orphan Fund label 2 heller green, cancelled by K.U.K. Feldpost 420 datestamp with K.U.K. Feldjagerbaon Go. Baron Arz. Nr22 cachet in red with handstruck Zensuriert. Nice item. (pt)
Austrian Levant 1893 Postal Stationery Letter Card
"1 piaster on 10kr" Blue, cancelled by "Lloyd Austriaco XV" datestamp in Blue (Tchil Fig 124) of the Austrian Lloyd "ss Imperatrix" addressed to Switzerland with Basel arrival. Very fine. (pt)
Austria 1872 envelope to Paris (France), unusual franking
bearing Franz Joseph (Coarse Beard) 5 kr Rate Yvert 34 (5), paying 25 kr Rate tied by MERAN CDS, handstruck P.D. & French entry cachet with receiving on reverse. Unusual choice of franking. (pt)
Austrian Levant 1871 Stampless envelope to Austria
cancelled by Berutti (Tranmer Fig 3) datestamp in Black, manuscript 20 routed via Trieste with Wien arrival in Red. Scarce. (pt)
Austria 1867 Registered PSE of the Arms Type
Postal Stationery Envelope upgraded with Franz Joseph 5kr Red Yvert 34, tied by WIEN CDS in Blue with adjacent handstruck Boxed Rcmdt. in Red with Guns transit and Rechwitz arrival on reverse. Superb quality item of mixed issue Austria. (pt)
Austria 1890 PSC 2kr Brown Madagascar
Postal Stationery Card cancelled by Boxed Zagreb-Steinberuck Kozott B Poste Pratnik Zagreb-Zidanimost Railway T.P.O. sent to Madagascar with manuscript "T" and handstruck "T" in diamond applied on arrival with instructional Inconnu label. Most unusual item. (pt)
Austria 1874 Franz Joseph PSE 5 kr Red upgraded to France
Postal Stationery Envelope upgraded with 5kr Red Yvert 34 (Strip of 4), tied by Prag CDS routed via Wien with French entry cachet and arrival. Superb. (pt)
Austria Envelope Sent to Toulouse (France) 5 kr
bearing 5kr Red Yvert 34 (Block of 4), with 2 singles on reverse tied by Prag Recomandirt datestamp, with French entry cachet and Toulouse arrival. (pt)
Austria 1868 Cover to Belgium Newspaper Rate
envelope bearing Franz Joseph 2kr Yellow Yvert 32 (Pair) of the fine Impression tied by WIEN datestamp with handstruck P.D. in Red with various transits and St. Josse-Ten Noode arrival. Fine Cover. (pt)
Austria 1974 Postal Stationery Envelope Franz Joseph 10kr Blue
upgraded with 3kr Green Yvert 33, tied by WIEN datestamp with Boxed accountancy W Fr. 8 X. (Van der Linden 2993) in Red with London Paid receiver on front. A superb item for the specialist as accountancy UNRECORDED in Red. (pt)
Austria 1882 envelope to France Very attractive 3 Colour franking
bearing Franz Joseph 2kr Yellow, 3kr Green Yvert 33, and 5kr Red Yvert 34, tied by Triest CDS with Marseille arrival. (pt)
Austria 1854 envelope to Italy, Superb item of First Issue Mail
bearing 9kr Blue Yvert 5, tied by Trieste double-ring datestamp Underpaid with instructional Bollo Insufficiente in Red and Accountancy A.3. (Van der Linden IF) in Red, Charged 6 1/2 in manuscript with Boxed Torino on reverse. (pt)
Austria 1872 Cover Paris Unusual franking
bearing Franz Joseph (coarse beard) 5kr Red Yvert 34 (5), paying 25kr Rate tied by MERAN CDS handstruck P.D. & French entry cachet with receiving on reverse. (pt)
Austrian Levant 1875 envelope to Lyon, Scarce 35 soldi franking
bearing Austrian Levant Franz Joseph 5 soldi Red Yvert 3, and 10 soldi Blue Yvert 4 (3), tied by Constantinople CDS endorsed via Triest with transit on reverse. French entry cachet and Lyon arrival. Cat.Ferchenbauer 15,000 Austrian shillings. (pt)
Austria (Levant) 1898 envelope to the Director of the Railway Smyrne
bearing Austrian Levant "10para on 3kr" Green (Block of 4) cancelled by Kerassunde Osterr. Post (Tchil Fig. 989) CDS with Smyrna arrival. Scarce item. (pt)