St. Helena    

St. Helena BOAR WAR 1901 POW Censor Env. Cape
St. Helena envelope to the Cape Colony bearing Queen Victoria SG7, 1d on 6d lake bycork cachet with adjacent St. Helena datestamp with circular "Censor / Prisoner of War" in violet and Barrydale arrival on reverse. (pt)
West Indies St. Lucia 1913 Postcard - Harbour
Early Picture Postcard of Castries, Part of Town English fleet in Harbour, (ships), addressed to French Martinique bearing SG79, 1d Carmine, tied by Fort de France Martinique double-ring applied on arrival. Very fine. (pt)
St. Helena (Boar War) 1902 PPC from a French Prisoner on St. Helena
Picture Postcard of Map, addressed to Deadwood Camp bearing 1d Carmine SG47, tied by St. Helena datestamp with Boxed Passed By Censor Head Office / St. Helena cachet in Violet. Fine item. (pt)
St. Helena 1924 Registered Postcard to Germany (Berlin)
bearing "1d on 6d" Red SG37, 1d Black Carmine SG56, and 1 1/2d Pale Rose SG99 tied by St. Helena datestamp with registered label and Berlin arrival. (pt)