Sudan (British)    

Sudan 1940 Censored Cover from Lebanon via Cairo Egypt
Incoming mail envelope from Lebanon bearing Yvert 163, 12 1/2 on 7 1/2pi blue tied by Beyrouth datestamp with circular censor cachet, routed via Cairo with "Passed Censor Sudan / 2" and "Sudan 2 / Censorship" label applied on arrival. (pt)
Sudan 1952 Registered Airmail PSE to Lebanon Beyrouth
Reg. Postal Stationery Envelope 3 1/2p brown upgraded with SG129, 15m black & brown tied by Registered Khartoum with adjacent Registration label sent by Air Mail to Lebanon with Beyrouth arrival. (pt)
Sudan 1930 Reg. Envelope 2 1/2p olive Omdurman Beyrouth
upgraded with SG34, 5m black and olive tied by Omdurman datestamp with matching registered label addressed to Lebanon with Damas and Beyrouth arrival (pt)
Sudan 1916 2m Wrapper to Manchester (UK)
(H&G4) canc Omdurman w/ tri PBC/Sudan 6h/s & boxed "T" taxe h/s (deleted) to UK. (pt)
Sudan 1944 Censored envelope to Italy
cover bearing SG88, 2pi Orange & Mauve tied by Fort Sudan datestamp with "Sudan / 12 / Censorship" Censor label with "Passed Censor Sudan / 12" cachet in Violet with Shellal-Halfa T.P.O. on reverse. Nice item. (pt)
Sudan 1916 Registered envelope to Ras le tin Prisoners of War Camp, Egypt
bearing 5 mill Red & Black SG23 (20), tied by Khartoum datestamp with matching registered label Boxed K Censor cachet in Violet and Sudan Censor label with Egypt Opened Censor label. Nice item. (pt)
Sudan 1909 Postal Stationery Card "2 on 3 milliemes" Purple
upgraded with 1 mill Brown & Carmine SG18 (2), tied by Khartoum datestamp, addressed to Egypt with Abbasia arrival on front. (pt)
Sudan 1911 Picture Postcard of the Market River at Omdurman
to France, bearing 2 mill Brown & Green SG19, tied by Roseires datestamp with Halfa-Khartoum T.P.O. on reverse. (Boats / Ships). (pt)