Syria (French)    

Syria 1943 Censored envelope to France by Airmail
cover bearing Air Mail Yvert 84, 15pi Orange, Yvert 87, 0pi 25 Black, and Yvert 258, 7pi 50 Orange and SG365, 15pi Blue (2) tied by bilingual Alep datestamp with Syrian censor cachet and "Controle" censor label in Green routed via Damas. (pt)
Syria 1942 Censored mail incoming envelope from Palestine
cover bearing SG108, 15 mil Slate Blue tied by Mount Carmel datestamp addressed to Damas with Censor cachet and double controle censor label in buff and red. Very fine. (pt)
Syria 1923 Registered envelope from French Occupation
cover bearing O.M.F. Syrie overprinted Yvert 60, "Piastre on 20c" Lilac Brown and Yvert 63, "2 piastres on 40c" Orange (2) tied by Beyrouth datestamp with handstruck registered and Marseille arrival. (pt)