Trinidad & Tobago 1846 Pre-stamp cover to London
Pre-stamp envelope to London cancelled by Trinidad double ring, m/s/2 and London receiving. (pt)
Trinidad 1916 Censored cover to France
Censored envelope to France headed Correspondance Militaire bearing SG148, 2 1/2d blue tied by Port of Spain c.d.s. with censor cachet and instructional Inconnu a L'Electro a Drancy et aux Isoles. Unusual. (pt)
West Indies 1900 French Paquebot Used Stamps
A used selection of stamps cancelled by octagonal French Paquebot including Ligne D, Fort de France, and Colon a Bordeaux, Trinidad & Tobago, Trinidad, St. Lucia, Queen Victoria King George 5th, etc, including a Strip of 3, Total 16 stamps. (pt)
Trinidad 1941 Cover to England French Libre
Envelope to England from the French Libre in Trinidad cancelled "France Libre / Port of Spain, Trinidad. BWI" on reverse in blue bearing SG250, 6c sepia and blue and SG253, 24c black and olive tied by Port of Spain datestamp. Rare item of French Libre mail. (pt)
Trinidad 1906 Postcard Travellers Palm Trees
Early Picture Postcard bearing SG134, 1d black / red tied by octagonal French Paquebot "Colon a Bordeaux L.D. No 3" datestamp (Salles 1478) with Creil arrival. A superb item. (pt)
Trinidad 1895 QV 1/2d Postal Stationery Card
PSC Queen Victoria 1/2d brown cancelled by Claxton Bay Trinidad datestamp addressed to Port of Spain with arrival on front. Nice item. (pt)
Trinidad 1953 Registered PSE Unclaim Returned
Postal Stationery Envelope KGVI 6c Blue upgraded with QEII SG271, 5c magenta cancelled by Mayaro datestamp with registration label, sent locally endorsed Refused in manuscript with handstruck "Unclaimed" and "Returned Letter Branch" datestamp in red on reverse. (pt)
Trinidad 1899 Local Cover Front Postage Dues
Local Mail written sent unstamped from Port of Spain July 11 with despatch datestamp with TAX handstamp and Trinidad Postage Due SGD3, 2d Black applied and tied on arrival by Port of Spain Jy 13 datestamp. (pt)
Trinidad 1942 Censored envelope to Guadeloupe
bearing SG251, 8c Orange & Green, and SG252, 12c Purple & Black tied by Port of Spain datestamp with "Opened by Censor No.7" Censor cachet in Violet with Censor label, and Guadeloupe Censor label with B/3 cachet applied on arrival with Pointe a Pitre datestamp. (pt)
Trinidad 1941 Censored envelope to England, UK
cover bearing SG247, 2c Brown & Blue, and SG253, 24c Olive & Black, tied by Port of Spain datestamp with Trinidad "Opened by Examiner I.E. / 8014" Censor label and British "Opened by Examiner 838" applied on arrival. (pt)
Trinidad 1915 Parcel Post Customs Declaration Form
sent from the Customs House declaring "one dried tiger skin" addressed to England and bearing SG143, 1/- Black on Green (Pair) tied by Port of Spain datestamp, unusual item. (pt)
Trinidad 1912 envelope to France / Paquebot
cover bearing SG137, 2 1/2d Blue tied by oval "Royal Dutch West Indian Mail / Posted on the High Seas / S.S. Coppename" routed via New York (USA) with Paquebot N.Y.P.O. Hud. Term. Datestamp with Marseilles arrival on reverse. Fine & Attractive item. (pt)
Trinidad 1973 Incoming mail from France / Postage Dues
Airmail envelope underpaid with Trinidad & Tobago Postage Dues SGD37, 8c Purple, and SGD40, 16c Apple Green (Pair) tied on arrival by Newtown datestamp. Difficult dues on cover. (pt)
Trinidad 1941 Air Mail envelope to Switzerland
Airmail cover bearing SG246, 1c Blue & Green, SG248, 3c Black & Scarlet, SG251, 8c Orange & Green, and SG254, 60c Green & Carmine, tied by Pointe-A-Pierre datestamp with Censor label and Passed Censor 4 in Violet on reverse. (pt)
Trinidad 1941 Censored envelope to Switzerland
cover bearing SG250, 6c Sepia & Blue tied by Port of Spain datestamp with "Crown Passed by Postal Censor / 15" cachet in Violet and "Examined by Censor C / 7" Censor label with Trinidad strip censor. (pt)
Trinidad 1941 Pair of Censored envelopes from South America
2 covers routed via Trinidad to Switzerland, with "Opened by Examiner IE / 8612" Censor label applied in transit with registered envelope from Paraquay to France with "Opened by Examiner IE / 4506". (pt)