Wallis Et Futuna (French)    

French Wallis et Futuna 1932 from Indo-China
envelope addressed to Mata-Utu, Wallis Island bearing Yvert 150, 1/10c blue green (Pair) and Yvert 152, 2/5 Orange (Pair) tied by Poste Rurale Province Cantho / Binhthuy double-ring in Blue, routed via Sydney, underpaid with TAX handstamp and Wallis et Futuna Postage Dues Yvert 1, 5c Blue, Yvert 3, 15c green, Yvert 5, 30c rose and Yvert 6, 40c grey blue applied and tied on arrival by Protectorat Francais Wallis double-ring. A very rare combination only a few Postage Due Covers known from Wallis. (pt)
French Colonies (Wallis et Futuna) 1913 Local Mail envelope
cover bearing New Caledonia Yvert 91, 5c Green tied by Prot Francaise Wallis double-ring. Nice cover paying the printed matter rate. (pt)