Aden India 1874 Steamer Envelope with boxed Postage Due
Cover written from Coffe Works, Tellicherry, Malabar Coast bearing India SG 69, 4a green tied by Tellicherry duplex addressed to the French Message Maritime Agent on the steamer "Traouaddy" between Galle and Marseille at Aden, routed via Salem and Bombay with Aden Steamer Point arrival and boxed tax "Postage Due" applied, forwarded to Marseille with French entry cachet, charged 24 with boxed accountancy "Reexpedie / Taxe Etrangere 1f/Taxe Francaise 1f40 / total 2f40" in red and forwarded back to Bombay with boxed "D.L.O. Bombay Free" and Madras D.L.O. / Oct 31" A superb item for the exhibitor. (pt)
Aden 1905 Picture Postcard from Suez from Red Sea
written from the Red Sea addressed to France bearing Germany SG70, 10pf red tied by "Deutsche Seepost/ Ost-Afrikanische Haustlinie" with Aden datestamp and French arrival. (pt)
Aden 1907 Picture Postcard to France 10c red
bearing French Sower Yvert 138, 10c red tied by Aden double-ring with boxed "Paquebot" on reverse. Nice item of mail sent from the Red Sea. (pt)
Aden 1895 Picture Postcard of "Camel Market"
addressed to Egypt bearing India SG89, 1a brown tied by Aden datestamp with Suez and Cairo arrivals. Nice card. (pt)
Aden 1891 French Postal Stationery Card Sage 10c black
written from Aden with dispatch datestamp on front addressed to Japan sent on French Paquebot with octagonal "Ligne T Paq Fr No 3" datestamp (Salles 2142) routed via Singapore and Hong Kong with transit on reverse and Yokohama arrival. Scarce item. (pt)
Aden 1904 Postcard Steamer Point Ships Boats
Early black & white Picture Postcard bearing France Yvert 129, 10c red tied by octagonal French Paquebot "Ligne N Paq. Fr. No 3" datestamp addressed to Nice. (pt)
India (Aden) 1889 East Indian Postal Stationery Card
1/4 anna Brown cancelled by Aden Squared circle, addressed to the Maritime Agency, Aden. Fine item. (pt)
Aden 1902 Picture Postcard to France, with Boxed Paquebot
PPC of Bridge & Lion Statues, bearing 5c Yellow Green Yvert 102 (2) tied by Aden datestamp, with French arrival. Scarce cancel on French stamps. (pt)
Aden 1907 PPC to China via Suez, Singapore to Hong Kong marine sorter
Picture Postcard bearing France Yvert 129, 10c red tied by Ligne N. Paq. Fr. datestamp routed via Suez with Singapore to Hong Kong Marine Sorter. (pt)
Aden / India 1911 PPC French Paquebot Marseille a Yokohama
Picture Postcard written from Aden bearing India SG150 1 anna red tied by French Paquebot Marseille a Yokohama No. 6 (Salles 2021) CDS addressed to the Bank of Indo-China Hong Kong. Very fine. (pt)