Samoa 1907 Picture Postcard to France Samoa
bearing United States Scott 300, 1c green tied by Pago Pago Samoa datestamp. Very fine. (pt)
Samoa 1905 Mint Picture Postcard Tutuila Pago Pago
Hafen von Pango-Pango auf Tutuila. (pt)
Saudi Arabia 1934 Mourning envelope written from the Netherlands Legation in Djeddah
bearing Proclamation of Emir Saud SG320, 3 1/2g Blue Imperf tied by bilingual Djeddah datestamp addressed to Amsterdam. (Holland). Scarce stamp on cover. (pt)
Samoa 1916 (2 G.R.I.) Censored Envelope to Australia
bearing 1/2d Yellow Green SG115, and 1d Rose SG116 tied by Apia datestamp with Boxed Passed by Censor / 2 G.R.I. Samoa in Violet. (pt)